A Surprise Finish!

Now, i’m sure it seems that all Maximus and i did was talk, talk, talk all Valentine’s weekend, but that was definitely NOT the case! We had some amazing play with new toys and i finished it off with some amazing play with a new friend (well, not a new friend, but a new kinky twist to a great friend)!

The weekend before, Maximus had texted a fantasy about wanting to fuck my ass with a baseball bat. This was exciting to me because i had seen a video on one of our swingers sites that someone posted of fucking their wife with a baseball bat and i’d thought it was hot! i’d never told Him about it, though, and had actually forgotten all about it until His text. We sexted back and forth about it and then i remembered i had a mini Louisville slugger!

Maximus was running errands, getting ready for a business trip and for our Valentine’s weekend. Not to be outdone…i received this pic later…

When we went to bed our first night, after exchanging Valentine’s gifts and Maximus’ scene play, we started to make love and i realized that the scene hadn’t included the bat. i giggled about that to Maximus and He went to the closet and got the slugger. Maximus lubed it up and eased it into my pussy…WOW, talk about filling! He fucked me with the bat and then pushed His cock in as well, fucking me missionary style on top of the bat. It was amazing to be DVP’d by the bat and Maximus! The next day, though, Maximus noticed while i was playing with His cock that He’d gotten a little rubbed on the underside of His cock shaft from the bat. “Spring Training injury, sugar!” i exclaimed, “high five!”

The bed at the house we rented in the San Juan Islands had a wonderful metal scroll-work head- and footboard. Maximus had enormous fun developing scenes to use that bed and finally used His new GoPro camera for the first time, which He’d purchased at Christmas specifically for filming our play. What is hilarious, is that my childhood bed, which is now in my guest room, is cast iron scrollwork head- and footboard and neither of us have ever thought of using it for scenes before now! Different than my metal bed, however, this bed had knobs on all four corners…which made for some fun play!

Maximus collared me, blindfolded me, and laid me on my back on the bed. He put cuffs on my wrists and ankles. my hands were restrained above my head on the headboard, my legs opened wide and brought up to the headboard where they were restrained outside of my hands, exposing my pussy and ass. Clamps pinched my nipples and the wand vibrator was placed, on high, on my clit. Maximus made me squirt over and over, pounding my g-spot with His fingers and then toys. Eventuallly He took the long flexible double-ended dildo i affectionately call, The Mom, bent it in half, and DVP’d me with it! He captured it all on film, but i’ve not yet seen it. It was wonderful!

Maximus used this bed frame many, many times during our stay, in many configurations. It was fantastic! During one play session, Maximus took clothespins and clipped my labia together from the top of my mons down, effectively closing my pussy lips over my clit, but left just enough space open that He could slide His cock through and into my pussy. It was incredible for us both as it pulled on my lips and made my pussy opening very tight around His cock.

One of my favorite scenes included the wand shoved into my pussy and into my g spot on high vibration, The Mom in my ass, and Maximus licking my clit. He would bring me to the edge of orgasm and then stop…then start up again….and then stop…over and over until i had a screaming orgasm. i told Him He could charge $1,000 for that and make a fortune with women! One of my top orgasms ever!

The last night, i got a text from a non-play girlfriend, Awesome A. She is a great friend that i’ve known for a couple of years; we share a common interest in athletic events and met racing. Like with all of my vanilla friends, i’ve never divulged anything about my lifestyle, but over the past few months, and during the last couple of weeks in particular, i’ve gotten the feeling that she’d figured things out, due to the questions she’d been asking and topics of conversation she’s brought up. Here is the transcript of our texting, her texts are white, mine are orange:

I’m at a sex toy party. Should I get u something? 😉

Ummm…considering my checked bag on the train to Seattle for San Juan Islands trip weighed 49 lbs. (max 50 lbs) due to ummm….toys….i’m ok! But thanks so much!!

Oh baby, I love you! When r u back home? Want to see the last night of the 50 shades musical parody with me sun night?

Oh hell yes! But i have dinner with a friend who’s picking me up at the train station.

When r u done? I think the show is @ 8.

i don’t get into town until almost 9. i wanted to see that show SOOOOOOOO bad and couldn’t find anyone to go. Maybe it will encore and we can go together.

Doors 7, show 8. Just remember I’m your gal for edgy stuff! I don’t judge. I’m just spicy fun! I bought 4 tix and serendipity will fill them up!

FUCK! i’m beyond edgy!

Girl, you just got your edgy SCRATCHED. We are going to have to share edgy talk over drinks. You bring your edgy ’cause I’ve got mine. Game on baby!

Darlin…game on. We need drinks SOON.

So just fuck it. Fly back, I’ll frequent flyer you because I know you want to see the show. Where is your booty call central right now? Spokane? And btw, I met a guy and am having porn star sex! Not sure I’m ready for that shift! It’s just good to know that hard penises are not extinct!

Ummmm…we need to talk!! Porn star sex is my specialty!

OMG. What time were you scheduled to leave where tomorrow?

i’m leaving Seattle by train at 5:30. Can’t cancel pickup plans with lesbian chick…ummm

Too bad. I’d just frequent flyer you here. Can I do that and the 3 of us go to the show?

Lemme see when i could get off the island by ferry to Seattle and let you know.

Ok, cool. I can play your mostly straight but bi curious friend so she’ll be interested but not jealous.

i’m being very vulnerable right now and have a very intimate question. Are you straight or bi-curious? If you’re uncomfortable it’s fine. You can pass on the question.

For you, I tell the truth. I am into dating guys and that will be my next relationship but I have definitely been with women. And like it. Haven’t said that to many people but I trust you. Why do you ask?

Because i’m bi, not lots of people know that. And trust me my edgy is edgy.


Ok…Maximus and i are figuring my trip out tomorrow night. What could be the plan with frequently flyer flight from Seattle?

I’ll look.

And Maximus knows all and participates in much…

I love it. I feel like my world just expanded. 🙂

Girl…i will show you the world.

I am so LOL right now! I think you finally kicked my head out of that boyscout ex of mine. I’ve been missing the world! It’s like I am waking up to the dream I once lived!

i knew he was a boyscout. i thought you’d picked up on my secret and glad you did. Maximus and i have been talking about it for some time now.

When do u want to cum? U can depart 4:00 and arrive 4:47…Would that work? You’ve been talking about it specific to me or in general?

That would be purrfect and we’ve talked about YOU specifically.

Oh, I am honored! 

i then sent this pic of many, not all, of the toys i’d brought with me to our weekend:

 This isn’t all…i’ll hopefully get through TSA…

 OMFG girl!!! Sounds like a play date to me!

OMFG! Very cool!

R u & Maximus celebrating?

We celebrate many times a day. Yes…we are celebrating now too! Actually, watching a movie…we’ve celebrated a lot today already!

🙂 ok so I’m open to chatting with u about this. Really interested to learn more about u. Not sure how far I go with it all but I’m intrigued and excited to hear this about you! Yay! You’re so cool!

At this point, i got an email confirmation for my flight…which was not booked with frequent flyer miles (she could not use miles for this purchase apparently) and was extremely expensive!

Holy crap, just read email!

LOL! Well we are all worth pampering regardless, aren’t we?

Well i will make it worth your while! This is really cool! And, um, i will never wear a suit in your hot tub again! Was the first time in years i have!

You know what? I’m sure of it. Even if we just explore this conceptually as a first step, that’s still hot. Deal on the hot tub! Then I’m inviting you back! I’ve got to sign off for now 🙂

Then she sent boudoir pics from a calendar she’d made years ago. Very sexy and provocative!

i canceled my plans to be picked up from the train station, rescheduled that dinner for another night.

Maximus and i then went into a packing frenzy! He was so energized by these new arrangements, a new play interest for me, especially considering we’d already been talking about Awesome A. Maximus wanted to get everything organized that night, clean up the house, pack, figure out travel plans, etc. my main concern was getting all the sex toys home. i had brought everything we have in my largest suitcase, which meant i was going to have to check my bag, and this made me worry that we’d lose stuff through TSA. And, the bag was extremely heavy and would cost a fortune. Suddenly, Maximus realized i was just going to be gone for ten days before driving back up, and that i could leave the bulk of my things with Him and just take what i needed for my date with Awesome A and for the 10 days i’d be gone–brilliant! We dumped all my things and tossed what i didn’t need back into my huge suitcase; the rest i shoved into my backpack–voila!

The next morning i dressed again in my sexy black and white rose dress i wore on the way up, minus the butt plug and Benwah balls, and sans panties. We had lunch in Seattle and then Maximus dropped me off at the airport with a deep, passionate kiss and giggle, sending me off to my sexy booty call!

i made it through security and went to a bar for a drink and pondered about what a great life i have! Here i was, at the end of a fantastic weekend with my Dom, at the airport with my double Grey Goose on the rocks with a twist, waiting for my flight that a girlfriend arranged to bring me to her for sexual exploration! Wow!

Awesome A was waiting for me at the airport when i arrived. We embraced and giggled then jumped in her car to go to dinner before our show. i couldn’t stand it anymore and asked how she’d figured me out–and she said she hadn’t, she just loved my vibe and thought i was someone who was open and would be fun to go do edgy things with! i asked her what her expectations were, her experience, etc. Turns out, she’s very kinky! Not only had she been with women, but been with several, including several at the Pole Dance Competition in Amsterdam where she danced on stage! Her story was amazing, and hot! She’d not been involved with kinky lifestyle for years and after now breaking off a relationship with an extremely conservative vanilla man, she was ready to rediscover her edgy side.

i shared my story and kinks with her and then we went to a great bar in Portland, Hamburger Mary’s, for dinner, drinks, and bingo moderated by drag queens! We talked non-stop, flirted with each other and others, texted, sexted, took pics, and just had a ball…like we’ve always had…this time with much more edge and sexual tension. At one point, the Mistress in Ceremonies asked if anyone needed to be whipped and of course, Awesome A enthusiastically volunteered me!

From there, we headed to the Aladdin Theater to see Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody. Hilarious! We met another friend and her new boyfriend. Awesome A asked to sit on the aisle side next to me, which i didn’t really think to wonder why. But as soon as the lights dimmed, her hands were all over me…she wanted to be where she could grope me outside of eyeshot of our friends. It was driving me absolutely crazy! All i wanted to do was to turn to her, grab her face and start making out with her!

At intermission, i told her we needed to go up to the restrooms…my plan was to pull her into the stall and finger her, but there was a huge line of people waiting for one of three stalls, so that wasn’t going to work. So instead, i pulled her into the shadows next to the film booth on the balcony, and kissed her passionately! Soooo hot! Her hands played with me all during the second half.

We got in the car and headed to my place. i opened a bottle of wine and we went into my bedroom. She changed into a powder blue lace slip nightie and i changed in to my new black one that Maximus had just given me for Valentine’s. i put on the Pussycat Dolls playlist from Pandora and pulled her to me. We kissed. Heaven! We explored each others bodies with our hands and then mouths. Finally i pulled her down on the bed and brought my tongue to her clit….ah!

We spent the next couple of hours playing with each other. It started tamely, tongues, lips, fingers, and then we moved to toys. First came the wand, which she absolutely adored. i laid on top of her and we ground the vibrating bulb into our clits and came all over each other. Then out came The Mom and i fucked her with that using my hand and then slipped the other end inside my pussy as well. Her orgasms were beautiful! The strap-on was next…me fucking her with the double-ended dildo and more orgasms. We penetrated mouths, pussies, asses. As we laid in bliss murmuring about our evening, she asked if she could use the wand once more, that she adored it…and pleasured herself while i sucked on her gorgeous gumdrop nipples. We slept in each others arms.

In the morning, as we got ready for our day, she talked about how great of a night it was and how great it was to be edgy again. She wasn’t sure how she was going to proceed from this point, however, as it was new again and didn’t want to hurt my feelings. i explained to her again, as i had the night before, that i went into this without expectations and we would proceed at a pace she was comfortable with. For at the crux of this, we are friends, great friends, and will continue to be, no matter how the friendship continues.

i called Maximus on my way to work and filled Him in on all the steamy details. He was ecstatic! We talked about the possibilities, without expectations of Awesome A, but excited about what the future could hold.

What an amazing weekend!

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