The Girlfriend Experience, Part Two


i love going out in the vanilla world with lifestyle friends as i can be cheeky and inappropriate without them getting all embarrassed or in a huff about it. When RunnerGirl and i got to our trail race to check in, the registrar handed us our race bibs and explained that we were to wear our bibs on the front as they would be manually entering our finish times, and then as soon as we crossed the finish line, someone would come and “tear off our bottoms,” pointing to a perforated tab at the bottom of the bib, “to be entered into a raffle.” Well…i couldn’t help it, giggled and replied aloud, “RunnerGirl, i love this race already…they tear off your bottoms at the finish line! Woo Hoo!” And she laughed and giggled with me! No “Ohmigod I can’t believe you said that,” or “Shhh, don’t be so embarrassing,” just simple entertainment, giggles, and common thinking.

The race was great! We finished a minute apart, again, a good match. We headed to our respective homes to clean up, rest, and get ready to get together again that night for the lifestyle party. She was trying to get her husband to go with us, but he opted out, so it was just us girls.

RunnerGirl got here about 9:30. i was in the midst of changing. She looked amazing in a tight, short red sheath dress and red heels and i wore a slinky metallic silver dress slit up FullSizeRenderthe front and back to upper tight and down the front almost to my navel. I love that dress, had bought it years ago to wear when Maximus and i went to our first trip to Vegas together. i paired it with my favorite glittery Jimmy Choo’s Maximus bought me in Vegas last year.

We Uber’ed it to the event. It was billed as a new lifestyle club in the Sodo area of Seattle, started by a group that has had lifestyle parties for years. Turns out, it wasn’t so much a club like I’m used to, with a fixed location like Sesso, New Horizons, Couples Oasis, Les Chandelles, etc, rather a large lifestyle party held in an event center, more like a hotel takeover. That had a big drawback–no lockers. i had to carry my purse the whole time, which was a big bummer for me. i’d brought a larger purse so i could carry both of our cell phones and wallets, so it wasn’t conducive for dancing or just being free and unencumbesodo partyred. It was in a great location, though, and had a bar and dance floor with a DJ in one building and the play areas were across a closed alley in another building. They had a fire pit with all the supplies for smores in that alley, which was a neat touch.

The play area was sexy, three floors with several rooms of gothic art, dark motifs, etc., massage tables, lots of towels and sheets, and a hot tub. We wandered around and took it all in. People weren’t playing yet, so it was a good time to see what all was there.

However, there were a few things that bothered me about this event that kept us from playing. First, no one checked to make sure we had tickets and anyone could walk into either building without confirming they were with the event. There were Tyvek wrist bands on the entry table and  i asked if we needed one to go in and out, but the greeters said no. We even checked again before going out to the spa building. The greeter at the spa building only checked to make sure we didn’t have alcohol and to let us know to shower before using the hot tub, not whether we were really with the group. This lack of security made it undesirable to play as anyone could’ve walked in and started taking pictures, etc. Second, there was no communication about cell phones. There were lots of phones out and pictures taken, including the spa building. Heck, i took pictures (not of people playing, however)! Usually lifestyle clubs ban the use of cell phones inside or require stickers be placed over camera lenses in order to use the phone. It just didn’t seem secure there, so with all of that and having to lug my purse around, it kinda killed my desire to play there–RunnerGirl felt the same way.

We met other people there, nice people. The folks in attendance were great quality, nicely dressed, upscale. We visited several times with a couple who arrived the same time we did and there were some people there i’ve played with before. The first person i knew was half of a couple i had first met and played with at Sesso with The Seal and then later at one of her parties with Maximus. She was thrilled to see me and asked if i knew that he had taken his life last week. We spoke about The Seal for a bit and then parted ways, promising to get in contact again. Next was a couple Maximus and i had met at a lifestyle party years ago, the first lifestyle house party i’d attended with Maximus outside of M&S’s group. This couple had been a triad and i’d had super fun with him (the two girls played a lot with each other that night, rather than with others). They are now just a couple and were very excited to see me and hoped to get together with Maximus and me again.

RunnerGirl and i wandered through the play building and briefly watched people play. We returned to the entry building where they were just moving a stripper pole into the middle of the dance floor. They were trying to drum up women to compete in a stripper pole dance competition, but no one was interested. RunnerGirl was dying to dance on the pole, which i encouraged her to do…and she did! i put my purse at the edge of the platform and joined her, swirling, bumping, grinding, and kissing together as we danced. It was the highlight of the night!

Well, i did win a raffle prize too–at the lifestyle club, not the trail race!

raffle prize

We held hands on the Uber ride home, giggled and talked about the night and plans for next weekend. It really was a great weekend, a great girlfriend experience, and one i hope to have for a long time.

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The Girlfriend Experience, Part One


A few weeks ago i came across a profile of a bisexual single woman on one of our swinger sites. The profile picture caught my eye because it was a race photo, and i’m attracted to athletic people. Her profile intrigued me:

Looking to meet women for friendship. My ideal person is someone who is active (I’m a runner), likes to go to movies or concerts, dancing, out for a glass of wine. Happy going out or staying in.

Hmmmm, i thought, interesting. But what exactly does she mean? Is she looking for just friends or FWB? So i messaged her. (Please note, i use the capital I when writing in non-D/s situations, so you will see that in the following messages.)

Hello, this is the female half. I came across your profile and am interested in knowing more. I am a runner too, as well as triathlete. What specifically are you looking for?
Looking forward to hearing from you.

And she replied (always a good sign)!

Hi! I’m looking for female friendship. If the friendship grows to fwb that’s great, if not, that’s fine too. I’d like to have friends that I share things in common … go to concerts, dancing, plays, things like that.

We were/have been in the swing lifestyle for a long time. We have retained a few friends over the years (none of them are here – we are new to the area) but, mostly, we have found that those relationships are VERY short-term. So that’s NOT what I’m looking for.

Do you run road, trails, both?


Well i have to admit i was so intrigued! Maximus was traveling and i told Him about what i had found. Really, what intrigued me the most was that she was looking for women friends–on a lifestyle site! That made so much sense to me and i thought it was just brilliant. Why hadn’t i thought of that? i mean, sex is great, but what Maximus and i strive for is friendships in lifestyle. And being new to this area, having moved up to be with Maximus just over a year ago, i really am looking for friends since mine all live hours and hours away.

So i wrote back:

I think that’s great! I never would have thought to search for that on this site, but I’m so glad you did.

We’ve been in the swing lifestyle for a long time as well. In fact, we met through mutual swinger friends and had a long distance relationship for several years until I finally just moved up here. I’ve been here for about a year and a half. I had a great network of running/triathlon friends where I was before, but I’ve just not been able to recreate that here yet, so I’m really interested in what you’re looking for.

I don’t live too far from you. I train primarily on trails up here and just started doing trail races last year. I’ve done mostly road races in the past.

I’d be happy to chat, either on this site or through some other means, and/or meet for coffee sometime. I look forward to getting to know you.

i loved her reply:

I guess I came here to find friends with like minds because it is very tiresome to have to constantly hide my lifestyle choices. Even though this is a more progressive thinking part of the country, I really don’t want my neighbors or work mates knowing “that” side of my life. Probably a hold over from living back east, neighbors here may not care. But some just won’t know what to think and I don’t want problems for our kids. So, here I am.

We started to chat off-site–Maximus allows this. And we really seemed to match. She is married and her husband allows for single play with women. We met for drinks several days later and it was wonderful! She is intelligent, out-going, sexy, funny, and we talked for hours over wine and appetizers. We departed with a goodbye kiss that left us both wanting for more.
So we made time for more!

Maximus had a swim meet back East with SwimmerGuy the end of last week through the weekend, Wednesday through Sunday, so RunnerGirl and i decided to spend some time together. Maximus was thrilled! Initially, it was just to have her over for wine and girl time, but as the week and our anticipation progressed, it turned into Friday evening wine and girl time, an overnight at our house, a Saturday morning trail race, and next night grand opening gala for a new lifestyle club in Seattle!

It was exciting! i hadn’t had a girlfriend overnight in years. i wasn’t sure what to wear! So icheeky lace settled with a sheer cream light knit sweater with a plunging key-hole neckline with a sexy burgundy bra underneath–one that matched sexy burgundy cheeky panties with a cut-out back and ribbon trussing–and boyfriend skimmer jeans with sexy heeled black sandals. She arrived in alicea trench coat–that’s a great start! Underneath she had a short-sleeved deep v-necked red ruched tee with a short black mini skirt, Alice in Wonderland tattoo-style tights, and red patent leather heels.

After a tour of the house, we settled in the master closet–yes, really! We are going to see Kinky Boots next weekend and my stipulation is that we both have to wear kinky boots–she doesn’t have any. Fortunately, i have a wide range of kinky boots, so we set on a mission to see which pair would work for her! And we found a winner, to be displayed in a future post after we go to the musical.

We returned downstairs and talked for hours over a bottle of wine. It really is a good connection with her. We talked about everything from life, swinging, running, families, my D/s with Maximus. Finally, it was getting super late and we’d not played yet and had a race in the morning! So we went upstairs to the bedroom.

i took her into the secure storage room and we went through the toy cabinet to see if there was anything she wanted to use in our play. She selected the stacked Wartenberg wheel as the only toy she brought was her single Wartenberg wheel, then the spiky gloves, the Hitachi wand, and the “mom” double ended dildo. i grabbed the Injoyus strapless strap-on and the double ended glass dildo.

And then we played! It was so great! She tasted and felt so good! We really didn’t even use a lot of the toys. We rode the Hitachi together, i fucked her with the Injoyus and we both had squirting orgasms, i used her Wartenberg wheel on her and she used mine on me, rolling it over breasts and in our groins around our pussies, and i fucked her with the glass dildo.

We finally went to sleep around 3 and got up at 6 to get ready for our race! She tried to talk us out of going, to no avail. After a shared bath and some breakfast, we were out the door! All smiles!

To be continued…

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raising cairn

Raising Cairn – Celeste Roberge

This wasn’t the post i planned to write today. Really, i was going to start writing again and explain the absence, but then our world was rocked.

We learned that The Seal took his life.

i thought i had written more about The Seal, but when i searched my posts i could not find as much as i thought there would be. He was a lifestyle friend, swinging, not BDSM, and really a good one for me. We found each other online, both athletic and confident, single, looking for sexy friends. This was some time after One Guy and i divorced, before Maximus and i had gotten reacquainted, and i was just starting to swing single. Swinging single was new for me and i was very nervous doing it alone.

After a little bit of chatting online, The Seal and i met for breakfast. i hadn’t planned on playing on the first date, just get to know him, but we hit it off so well and i was so turned on, that i invited him back to my house to play. It was great! He was strong and driving, had great stamina, was confident in bed, playful, and loved to make me squirt–all things i love in bed. We collapsed in a sweaty heap, visiting, and went at it again!

We became frequent play partners, either meeting at my house or his, or at the swinLost in Subspaceg club in Portland. i hated going to the club solo, so it was wonderful to have a partner to go with again! i remember one time, The Seal was fucking my brains out in a private room with the curtains open. i was only wearing my ribbon laced boots and we had drawn a huge crowd. We finished, dressed, and pushed our way through the crowd at our window and surprisingly encountered One Guy and his date–he obviously had been watching and didn’t realize it was me until he looked down at my legs and incredulously exclaimed, “Nice boots!” It was a great moment!

We had countless moments as sex partners, but he was a great friend too. We trained for triathlons together, he was my “plus one” for parties, even when i got involved with Maximus. He was someone i never hesitated to introduce to others, whether it they were vanilla or lifestyle. He was my first DVP with Mountain Man! One of my happiest memories was the day he did a sprint distance triathlon with his 9-year-old son, his son’s first tri–it was a glorious day and one i will never forget–such joy!

Maximus and The Seal became friends as well. There was never any animosity between them. The Seal was there the first time i took Maximus to the swing club in Portland–the infamous Kink Night. Maximus was so amazed at the suspensions, floggings, BDSM apparatus, that He went a little haywire, flitting here and there throughout the club, so much so that The Seal and i sent him off to watch the spectacle while we played. The Seal asked me many times if everything was okay with Maximus that night, so surprised by His wide-eyed, boyish behavior, and out of concern for me. That’s how he was.

He became part of the group with M&S. Highly regarded and reputed for his stamina. One of the most repeated one liners often blurted out at their parties is, “I—-LOVE—-YOU—GABRIELLA!!” A breathless sentence shouted by my friend Busty Blondie while being pounded by The Seal his first time at one of  M&S’s parties.

Shortly before i moved up to be with Maximus, The Seal texted me that he wanted to meet his new “beautiful fiancé.” He’d been seeing a woman for about a year, long distance, and i’d not met her–i assumed it was her. i asked, “Wow, is this the same gf?” and he replied, “No, new girl.” i was shocked, because he literally had just taken his girlfriend to a meetup in Virginia to meet military friends. i asked if his fiancé was lifestyle and he replied that she was but that they were not currently playing. We never did get to meet her and they were married one month later.

We kinda lost touch, other than Facebook. i’d moved, he was married to someone i wasn’t sure was in the lifestyle, so we reverted to vanilla friends. And i was okay with that. He looked happy!

Two weeks ago was M&S’s last play party at their beautiful cabin near Mt. Hood, Oregon. M hostagehas been working overseas for the past year and the property is just too much for S to maintain on her own–and she misses him. They are selling the property and then she will be moving overseas to be with him. S mentioned that The Seal might be coming, but she wasn’t sure. She and i went through a party “lost and found” box and we found one of his t-shirts. Wanting to entice him to come, i sent him a picture with the comment, “i’m holding your shirt hostage.” He replied, “I’ll be there in an hour!” We were all thrilled he was coming.

Dinner was over and we were already playing when The Seal arrived. i came down and greeted him. He had a couple bites to eat and i asked how his lovely wife was doing, and he replied, “It’s a fucking disaster, I’ll tell you about it afterward.” We went upstairs and fucked, and it was an angry fuck–so obviously so that even Maxiums and S commented on it later.

We ended up in the hot tub later, just the two of us, and he talked about what was going on. He said his wife wouldn’t talk to him, that something was wrong and she wouldn’t tell him what it was to fix it. He moved out to give her some space and she asked him for a divorce just the night before. He was devastated. He said he’d tried harder in this marriage than in any other relationship and really thought it was the one. He did not want to get a divorce, loved her, and didn’t know what to do. On top of it, he explained troubles he was having with his youngest son, the one who i had watched do his first triathlon years earlier, who was now a teenager. i couldn’t relate, the stories were terrible, troubling, and i listened to him. i told him i just didn’t know to help, but that i was there for him. We talked about how whatever was troubling his wife might not have anything to do with him, that he might not ever know what it was, but that he was a great person and that while this was difficult, he would be okay. We talked about Maximus and me, about how my second divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me, not because i got together with Maximus, but because i learned so much about myself and my strength. We laughed about the story of One Guy watching us at the club and not realizing it was me until he saw me in my boots afterward. And i shared with him that Mountain Man had died a few months prior during a mountain climb. Maximus had joined us in the hot tub for a bit and left us to talk when he realized The Seal needed time to talk with me.

The Seal left after we’d been talking for a couple of hours. We’d ended the conversation with hugs and promises to get together, that he’d come up for a break soon. i was deflated after he left, and sat in the living room with S and Maximus talking about the heartbreak he was going through and how sad we were for him. But i never had any inkling that he was so far gone. He’d talked about plans he had with his son for a triathlon. There was no indication that he was done with life. i texted him the next morning to let him know i was thinking of him and looked forward to him coming up to Seattle. He thanked me.

And then yesterday i saw the obscure post on his Facebook page, one from a friend that seemed like a “I’m pissed off at you for doing this, why didn’t you tell me what was really going on?” and i knew something horrible had happened. i told Maximus and he hoped my gut feeling was wrong, but that my gut feelings were usually right. i texted The Seal and it didn’t go through with iMessage, i had to force it to go as a text, meaning his phone was offline. i messaged his friend who posted on Facebook and she confirmed that he had ended his life the night before, that his estranged wife and her friend found him in his car in his apartment parking lot.

i was devastated, sucker-punched. i collapsed on the stairs on my way to Maximus and howled, sobbed as He held me. How did i miss this? Why did he do this? i never saw it coming. Why didn’t he tell me? The past two weeks of his Facebook page had been pictures he’d posted of himself climbing at a climbing gym for meditation, yoga for a happy place, a concert…but then a final post of a YouTube video of Bill Withers, “Ain’t no Sunshine,” apparently shortly before it happened.

It was a hard day. i miss my friend. i wish i had known. But i didn’t. i don’t think he wanted me to. And that’s something i’m learning, that we don’t always know what’s going on with someone, that they share with you what they want you to know and hold back the things they don’t. He was strong, a retired Navy SEAL, an Ironman, but this was something stronger than he could endure, something he couldn’t control. i will never know why, i just know that he is out of whatever pain he was facing.

i am sharing this because i hurt and i need to heal. And i am sharing this in hopes that it can help someone, someone who feels lost, who hasn’t shared their pain.

Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255 or text 838255

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 (yes, the same number)



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Her insecurities drown her;

rip and tear her apart.

It’s all in her mind,

if she only saw herself

the way that He does.


Maximus and i are in Vegas as He has a convention. We’ve been looking forward to this as M&S decided to come to Vegas as well to share our trip and we hope to see our good friends Italian Stallion and Sparkle, who we met at Desire last year. The trip out was great, we had some good discussion on my M/s research and one of the books Maximus is reading. We’ve talked about some changes to our contract to reflect our M/s and separate out some things currently in it into rules and protocols, as well as some existing expectations of His that should be documented as rules and protocols.

Last night the plan was to have dinner with M&S and some people who we had thought were friends of their’s from Vegas and then go to their suite for playtime afterward. Turns out it was just us for dinner, which was fine. We had a wonderful dinner at Bouchon. i asked about their friends and S told us that they’d never met them, but that M had been corresponding with them for a bit online and by text. She said she was very excited to meet them and showed me a picture of a man with a gorgeous body. i asked to see a picture of the female half but she didn’t have one. She then added, “Well, the biggest reason I’m excited to see him is that he’s bringing pot,” which i misheard at first as he’s freaking hot until she repeated it. Maximus and i do not imbibe. We don’t have problems that other people do, that’s their choice, but Maximus cannot be around it due to possible random drug testing for His work, and M&S know this.

We went to M&S’s suite after dinner, which is beautiful and has a panoramic view of the strip and dead-on view of the giant High Roller ferris wheel. It was there that we learned a single female was coming over–someone they’d never met before. That surprised us and they really didn’t have much information on her. They told us literally five minutes before she arrived. We kept turning on lights in the suite so we would be able to visit with this girl and see her, but oddly M kept turning them all off, which was kind of disturbing to me. She arrived in the dark, really couldn’t see her, and we started to chat with her a bit. Turns out, she really wasn’t a swinger, this was her first time meeting a random couple, just has sex with lots of people–which surprised S as she’d had the impression from M that she was an experienced swinger from the online conversations he’d had with her. i wasn’t really impressed or comfortable with the situation, so i took Maximus into the other room and told Him that i really wasn’t feeling it, didn’t want to play, and really would like to head back to our hotel. He replied that He felt the same way.

Shortly thereafter, M announced that there had been enough talking and it was time to play. i looked at Maximus and said to the group that i really wasn’t feeling it. M&S said that was ok, we could just watch, as they were taking this women into the other room to play. Maximus got up and followed them in, saying He was going to watch. S came back out and sat with me and said she wasn’t really feeling it either. Soon, we heard the woman moaning and the sounds of squirting, which is Maximus’ thing, and the woman called out for S to come into the room. We both did and found Maximus finger fucking her. Well i was upset by this, as He told me He didn’t want to play with her and was going into the room to simply watch M play with her before we left. i gave Him a tug on the back of His shirt and whispered to Him that i needed to go. He knew i was mad.

We said our goodbyes and left. i was upset, didn’t want to talk to Maximus about it in the hall, elevator, cab, and by the time we got back to our hotel, didn’t want to ride in the elevator with Him and really wanted to go home. i felt He had betrayed my trust.

In the room, we decided to talk about it. i told Him that i didn’t feel like i could trust Him because of the situation that had just happened. He told me He was going into watch, wasn’t going to have sex, and that we were going to leave–but He didn’t do that. i had been very clear with my feelings and He had been clear in His response agreeing to that plan. i was calm, didn’t yell, but i told Him i wanted to go home, He could stay, and that i felt because of this lack of trust i couldn’t continue in M/s or our relationship.

Maximus started to respond by explaining what He had done and i stopped Him and asked that He use the Imago dialogue process that we are contractually bound to use in times of disagreement. i said that His explaining sounded like justification and we needed to use Imago as our contract required, and so i would not get angry. He did and communicated that He absolutely went against what He told me He was going to do, that He had betrayed my trust, understood that it felt like He had lied to me and how that would make me feel, and that He had prioritized not making M&S feel uncomfortable over my feelings, and apologized. He said it was a mistake and it made Him feel horrible. He also didn’t want me to leave Vegas, M/s, or our relationship, which i agreed not to do.

i was emotionally drained and after we finished that dialogue i shared with Maximus some feelings i was having, insecurities. Like i briefly mentioned in my last entry, i’ve gained weight after my hysterectomy and despite exercising and continuing my vegan diet, cannot lose weight, while Maximus’ clothes are falling off of Him. My running has become so difficult and exhausting that i cannot do it anymore. i am embarrassed by how i look, frustrated i cannot seem to fix it, disappointed in myself, don’t feel sexy, and getting quite insecure about it. His actions to pull back over the past year has compounded my lack of sexiness, to the point that i have lost interest in swinging, our swinger sites, etc. i communicated i was fearful about going to Desire next week because of it. However, i didn’t want to make a decision about canceling that trip while i was upset, emotional, and tired.

Maximus assured me how sexy He finds me and understood how pulling back compounded the situation. He promised to correct that. He agreed to talk about Desire later. We went to bed and i was still emotionally upset. Maximus got physically sick a couple of hours later, something i’ve never seen with Him before. i don’t know if it was our discussion or food. But by morning He was better and we had sex.

We had a late breakfast this morning with M&S. Prior to me arriving, Maximus talked to them about the prior evening. Turns out, they asked the woman to leave about twenty minutes after we left, as it was not working out, and the other couple never even showed up. It was a bust. Maximus explained that we (it’s primarily me) really prefer to spend a little bit of time getting to know people, or that they really know the people before we start fucking them, and last night just didn’t accommodate that for us. They totally understood. This evening should be better for that.

Maximus and i talked alone after breakfast and i told Him that i was feeling better. i shared that i need to get over this insecurity about my body because it is going to ruin me and my sexual feelings. i feel that my hormonal imbalance is not only affecting my physical body, but it is really messing with my thoughts and impressions of myself. He asked if that was why i had gotten upset about His actions with the woman the night before, and i said no, that was a trust issue about being told one thing and having Him do the complete opposite. i shared that i felt our M/s may be helpful in supporting my steps to regain my sexy security and He agreed. i also told Him that i wanted to keep our Desire trip as planned.

i feel badly that we had this hiccup. He was very appreciative that we did not have a fight last night, as would have happened even a few months ago, rather, we had a discussion without yelling and i/we stuck to our contract accordingly. i feel badly that i got upset at Him and don’t feel like a good sub because of it. However, i know that Maximus is human, and that human Masters make mistakes sometimes and i forgive Him for it. So despite our hiccups and my insecurity, i think we’re on the right path with our M/s, certainly are growing and interacting better when we comply with our contract and rules contained in it. i trust in Him and in our agreement. i will trust in how He sees me and grow from that.

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crazysexycoolIt’s been a whirlwind week! Crazy….Sexy….and Cool!

It started with Maxisnoop doggmus flying me up for the Seahawks vs. Raiders preseason game. It was great! He has fantastic seats, right on the Seahawks 5 yard line a few rows up from the field. We had front row seats to see Snoop Dogg posing with the Sea Gals. i guess he’s called Snoop Lion now, but whatever!

After the game, Maximus drove me back home to Portland because i had to work the next morning. He slept for a couple of hours and drove right back up to SeaTac airport to head to California for a one day business trip! Talk about dedication! It was a super sweet surprise for Him to fly me up and drive me home–He really wanted to take me to the game.

The day after my work day, i headed back up to Seattle on the train! Maximus picked me up and we headed directly to Michael Kors for some shoe shopping! When i came up for the Seahawks game, Maximus had a pair of Michael Kors Ailee Studded Suede pumps in my drawer! They were just gorgeous and it had been all Michael KorsHe could do to not text me pictures of them before i got there. He had texted a picture of the box with a message that there was a surprise waiting for me, but not a picture of the shoes themselves. Unfortunately, the shoes were too small for me, so we needed to go exchange them. They had the shoes in my size, but Maximus had more shoes and boots for me to try on for Him while we were there.

i had the best sub moment at Michael Kors! Maximus missed it, actually. i was seated on the setteé surrounded by different shoes and boots, attended by not one, but three attendants and Maximus came back from the display with another shoe and said, “she’ll try on this one too.” The attendant acknowledged this, Maximus walked back to the display to return the sandal, and the attendant started toward the back to get my size. A few seconds later, the attendant quickly returned, bent down toward me and asked, “I should have asked, did you want to try on that shoe?” i smiled and cooed, “Of course!” This just tickled me! Of course i wanted to try on that shoe, Maximus desired to see that shoe on me and i wanted to please Him by doing so!

The next day, our friends Kilt and Rhodie, who we met through mutual friends at a swinger’s party (see A Night at the Beach), came up for an overnight visit. We’ve been wanting to get back together with them and have had this visit on the calendar for months, pure torture waiting for this! Maximus has been über-excited, coming up with all kinds of kink things He wanted to choreograph for this night, but as we’d only been with them at two swingers’ parties and hadn’t really talked to them about the specifics of their kink, i encouraged Maximus to be patient and use this weekend to talk and learn more about them instead of assuming they were like us and scaring them away!

i made dinner for us at Maximus’ so we’d have more time to visit openly rather than trying to have kink conversations at a restaurant. During dinner, Kilt whispered to me that while he was looking forward to playing with me, Rhodie was really looking forward to spending some time with me. We started talking about our kinks and we found that they were, indeed, much like us in kink play, and were also afraid of scaring us! They are not Total Power Exchange or D/s, but are both switches. He is straight, she is bi.

During dinner prep, i’m not sure how this came up, but the conversation turned to nipple torture and i was instructed to get the nipple vacuum tubes. i was wearing a halter topped dress and the top was taken off of my neck, my tits exposed, and Maximus had Rhodie install the tubes on my nipples, teaching her how to wait and increase the vacuum little by little as my nipples stretched out into the tube. i spent the entire dinner with the tubes on my nipples and amazingly, both nipples started leaking fluid, which has never happened to me before (we had babysat Maximus’ 9 month old grandson the night before and i’m wondering if that led to some maternal instincts to come into play)!!

As soon as we cleaned up from dinner, Rhodie took me into the great room, yanked my dress all the rest of the way off, pulled me down to the floor and had her way with me! Maximus had taken the vacuum tubes off midway through dinner and my right nipple was a gorgeous purple. Rhodie licked my clit and played with my pussy and nipples while Kilt and Maximus watched.

Eventually Maximus led us into His den where He had the Liberator mat on the floor. As soon as we hit the mat, Maximus blindfolded Rhodie and me and we all four went to town! Kilt even foot fucked me! At one point, Maximus put the chained clover nipple clamps on me. It was sensory overload! We were flogged and cropped, Kilt scratched my back with His long fingernails making me orgasm! i was doing great, slipped into subspace and then suddenly my right nipple was too intense, i think someone grabbed my breast and i started to come crashing down. “Right, off! Right, off!” was all i could say. i could tell the hands on me weren’t Maximus’ and i really needed Maximus to take care of me. He came and wrapped Himself around me, whispering in my ear that it was ok and i was safe, and released me from the clamps. i could hear Rhodie asking if i was hurt and Maximus and Kilt assured her i was fine, had slipped into subspace and Maximus was caring for me. What’s interesting to me as i think back about it, i wasn’t bound…i could have simply reached up and released the clamp from my right nipple, but it never occurred to me to do that. In fact, i don’t believe i have ever released myself from anything that Maximus has applied, but generally i have been bound and unable to do so. It’s fascinating to me that i needed Him to release me even when i was able to physically do that myself–i was mentally bound! i think that is a wonderful realization for us, that my submission to Him is complete and natural.

Maximus provided aftercare for me and we jumped right back into play. i called out to Maximus to get the wands and He returned promptly with them and an extension cord. i started to use the Hitatchi on Rhodie, which i remembered she loved, and then rolled on top of her so we would be simultaneously stimulated and orgasm together. Maximus kept telling us how hot it was! i really wanted vaginal penetration and called out for something in my pussy, but i was so slippery wet that Maximus could not stay inside me! After orgasming multiple, multiple times, i rolled off and Maximus started fucking Rhodie. i put my fingers in what i thought was her pussy, thinking, Wow, He’s fucking her ass!, feeling Maximus’ cock between the membrane (turns out i was in her ass and He was in her pussy). Maximus started yelling, “It’s too much, I can’t hold it, I’m going to come!” and He came, yelling and spasming. i pulled the condom off and took Him into my mouth, sending Him in to earthquakes. He shared that the visual of Rhodie and i orgasming over and over and Rhodie squealing with glee that my come was pouring down her pussy was just too much for Him and He couldn’t hold off.

i still needed vaginal penetration badly and as soon as Maximus was ready again, which was only a few minutes, He started fucking me. i’m not sure what was happening next to us with Kilt and Rhodie, but suddenly, right before i was about to come, Maximus pulled out and started putting on a condom! i was shocked as He started fucking Rhodie. i got up and said i was going upstairs, as i needed to think about this…i returned as soon as i was upstairs realizing this was completely unacceptable to me and i needed to communicate to Maximus about it. i pulled on the back of Maximus’ hair in a hard tug and He excused Himself and followed me upstairs. i told Him that was rude and slapped His chest and arms and He apologized, said He got caught up in the moment and realized just how rude that was. We went back downstairs, we joined Kilt and Rhodie again. Maximus came again inside me.

We played more, in all configurations, until we were spent and needed a break. i was starting to feel overheated and nauseated and realized i was dehydrated from all the squirting orgasms. We had dessert at the island in the kitchen and Kilt began tying Rhodie in a rope harness. i stepped outside into the cool air on the patio but just could not shake the nausea. Eventually we excused ourselves to bed, got Kilt and Rhodie settled into the guest room. Maximus was very concerned about me, at first thinking i was upset with Him, but after touching me, He realized i was burning up. He laid me onto the bed and smoothed a cool wet washcloth over my forehead and made some electrolyte drink for me, which helped. He held me while i slept and i felt completely back to normal by morning.

We let Kilt and Rhodie sleep in. Maximus and i prepped breakfast and cleaned up all the toys and the den from the night before. We sat outside on the patio and talked about what a great night it had been. We both realized that we’d never had a session like that before, where i subspaced and was thrown right back into play. In all of our other BDSM scenes with other people, particularly with Sunflower and MountainMan, the scene ended with my aftercare, that bringing me back from subspace was the conclusion of the scene. We agreed that my dehydration, nausea, and feeling ill had a lot to do with not having enough time to recover and that we would be more careful the next time.

Kilt and Rhodie joined us for breakfast and recap of the night. Rhodie would apologize every time she brought up some kink things she liked or desired and we told her not to apologize, that we were just as kinky or more and were very interested in learning about each others kinks. She shared that her fantasy is to have another woman squirt inside of her and then squirt that come back into the other woman. We said that we would love to help her with that fantasy. Kilt took me aside and shared that her ultimate fantasy is to have a woman wearing a lucha libre, Mexican wrestling mask, fuck her and asked if i would do that–which of course i said i would share with Maximus and do! We talked about the BDSM checklist we used and learned they had not seen those before and would like to do one too. i said i would send them a copy and we all decided it would be a great idea for us to complete that together to share our kinks. We also shared what we learned about my aftercare needs in the middle of intense scenes from the night before.

After Kilt and Rhodie left, Maximus and i talked about what a great time we’d had. Maximus praised me for how i had handled dealing with His mishap during our play. i actually had felt awful that i had pulled His hair to get His attention, but He said that it had been the perfect thing! He’d not gotten it when i said i was going upstairs but that the hair tug completely got His attention and was exactly what i needed to do. He was thrilled that we were able to communicate about it and go back into play.

We also talked about what the future could hold. We discussed how we really had fluid bonded with them due to my squirting all down her pussy and how she and i had orally exchanged Kilt and Maximus’ cum as well. In looking about fulfilling Rhodie’s fantasy, we realized that we needed to have a discussion about this fluid bonding, STD testing, and potentially forgoing barriers in future play with them. This has been fantasy talk between Maximus and i, but we’ve not pursued this before. We agreed that i would get together with Rhodie to talk about this.


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A Night at the Beach

night beach

After our swim and hot tub, dinner prep began–and a new couple arrived, one we had never met before, Kilt and Rhodie. Our hosts, Slim and Marilyn, had been with them before and really enjoyed them and both told me, “she’s JUST like you, gabriella!” i wasn’t sure what that meant. They also shared that Kilt was very well-endowed, the biggest of the group, which was shocking since several other of our group have very large cocks.

Being the gregarious people we are, Maximus and i made sure to introduce ourselves and visit with Kilt and Rhodie to make them feel at ease. Well, actually, they walked into the house just as Maximus and i were having a stripping race in the living room, as we always seem to have a contest to see who would be naked first (i won, of course!…but i’m starting to think He might be letting me win after all), so i’m sure we were a little shocking to them, but we were having loads of fun with it and laughing. Maximus then tied up my breasts to display His handiwork and entice the other women there to allow Him to tie them up as well. i helped Maximus tie up Indygo’s breasts and Kilt and Rhodie seemed to be very interested in our rope work.

Dinner was great, loads of fun. i stood up on my chair and made a toast to Friends, old and new, and we enjoyed our meal, talking, laughing, telling stories, etc. The group was very well matched. When we were done, the lights dimmed, candles were lit, Liberator blankets spread out onto the living room floor, and the games began! Maximus started with Rhodie, and i with Kilt.

Kilt is indeed very well endowed! He is just under the girth of a soda can but not too terribly long. i spent time giving him a blow job, enjoying him, and then moving on to riding him. He got very excited when he discovered my hood piercing as he’d never played with anyone with a piercing before, and spent a lot of time experimenting with oral on my clit. Maximus started with Rhodie and wow, i finally understood what Slim and Marilyn meant, Rhodie is as extremely sexually adventurous and and as loud as me! She and Maximus thoroughly enjoyed each other and Kilt truly loved watching them while i was blowing him. She made the error of telling Maximus that she only squirted in one position–so He set out to prove her wrong, which He did!

Maximus later moved to Indygo, who was laying on the couch on her back. Maximus was on His knees beside her, licking her pussy. i crawled over behind Maximus and started playing with His balls. Then i lubed up my fingers, entered His ass and began to massage His prostate. His cock stiffened in my hand and i stroked Him and almost got Him to come. We moved onto the floor and His started to fuck me. Rhodie came over to watch and Maximus directed her to fuck my pussy with His cock, which she did. Kilt came over and started to play with us and we ended up all four fucking. At one point, Maximus was kneeling while Rhodie hungrily gobbled His cock while He fingered me–Slim and Marilyn were walking past on their way to bed with Marilyn mouthing, “OMG that’s so hot!” to Him.

Rhodie and Kilt then started to fuck. i grabbed the two Hitachi wands and began to pleasure myself. i had been experimenting with the wands the past couple of weeks and, per Maximus’ request, have worked into being about to insert the large Hitachi bulb end completely into my pussy, which is amazing! i had not had a chance to show Maximus this other than by text photos, so i was excited to show Him. i had Maximus insert the Hitachi into me and it slid easily in, and then had Him rub the other Hitachi over my clit. OMG! i came over and over and over and over in waves. Maximus even inserted four fingers of His hand into my pussy with the Hitachi inside me and stimulated my G spot. i pulled out the Hitachi and Maximus directed Rhodie to fist me, and her entire fist went up to her wrist! He fingered my ass while she fisted me.

i needed a break after that! After a short rest, i looked at Maximus and gave Him a look that i was going to go get some toys. i came out with my strap-on with the double-ended dildo, a thick 16-inch long double-ended straight dildo we affectionately call The Mom, and a blindfold. Maximus saw my goodies and said, “Let’s blindfold Rhodie!” She squealed in delight as Indygo simultaneously rebuffed, “you shouldn’t do that, she might not want that.” Rhodie replied, “Oh no, I’d love to be blindfolded and oh! Look at that, do me, do me!”

Maximus blindfolded Rhodie and i put on the strap-on harness, inserting the shorter end into my pussy. i had condoms on both ends, lubed the large end and mounted her doggie-style. Oh, fuck me, fuck me!” she cried out, “Fuck me harder!” i pounded her. Kilt braced her while i fucked her. i then moved onto my back and she rode me, squirted all down the dildo, soaking the harness. At some point her blindfold came off, i think she really wanted to watch what was happening. We moved to The Mom, Maximus and Kilt taking turns fucking us simultaneously with it. Rhodie mentioned wanting to try the Hitachi since she’d not used one before. i took the Hitachi and put it on her clit, resting the handle on her stomach while she laid on her back, and then laid on top of her, pressing the bulb into my clit. We shared amazing orgasms together!

Spent, Maximus, Rhodie, and i laid down on the floor together and visited. Rhodie shared that she had crossed two things off of her sexual bucket list that night (being fucked with a strap-on and using a Hitachi) and another that hadn’t even been on her list (fisting a woman)! After a while i began to stroke Maximus’ cock and He asked that she and i give Him a two-girl blowjob. Rhodie called out, “Oh I get His balls!”  i straddled His face, putting my clit in His mouth and began to 69 Him while she sucked His balls. We simultaneously licked His cock, made out, deep-throated Him, and then i noticed that she was rimming Him. Maximus started calling out, “OK, OK, that’s good, I’m done,” and tapping my hip to tap out. Well, i was not ready for Him to be done; i really wanted Him to come. And boy did He ever come! He screamed and quaked, grabbed blankets, pounded His fists on the floor–it was fantastic and i was soooo happy!

It was getting late and the four of us were the only ones left, so we all went to our respective bedrooms. Maximus and i laid down and shared stories and giggled. i was so aroused though, my clit throbbing. i started rubbing my nub while He talked and then told Him i still had an orgasm trapped. He started licking my pussy while i rubbed myself and had one of the most intense orgasms i’ve had in a long time–i broke into sobs, just overcome with emotions. Maximus held me and stroked me in aftercare.

We arose in the morning to find SubR in the kitchen with Slim who was making breakfast for the group. Maximus pulled me aside and instructed me to take SubR into our bedroom, tie him up, and then spank him to leave red marks on his ass. i loved this directive! i grabbed SubR’s hand and asked him to come with me into the bedroom. i told him what i had been instructed to do. i ordered him to strip naked and then tied a body harness on him, starting first with a hitch around his scrotum. i had grabbed a plastic spatula from the kitchen, so i pushed him down face-first on the bed and began to spank him with the spatula. He started to mock me so i pulled my panties off and shoved them into his mouth to quiet him, instructing him that he was not to talk, other than count the strikes. i gave him five spanks on each ass cheek, rubbed his reddened skin, and helped him up. SubR had a humongous smile on his face. He started to talk and i said, “you’re welcome!” to which he immediately apologized and thank me. i told him he had someone else to thank, marched him into the kitchen to Maximus and said, “What do you say?” and he nodded to Maximus “Thank you, Sir!”  Maximus was very, very pleased. After He was done praising my ropework i returned SubR to the bedroom and removed the harness. SubR was ecstatic.

Now, we hadn’t negotiated with SubR about this at all, had not communicated boundaries, limits, or safewords, only had the wishes that he had shared with us. i was very careful with him, checked in with him often through this scene. It was meant to be a little surprise taste of kink in response to him sharing a fantasy with us. If we were ever going to do this again with him or anyone else, i will make sure that we, Maximus and i and the third party, talk and negotiate prior to play.

We swapped contact info with Kilt and Rhodie the next morning and stood in the driveway for almost an hour just chatting. We had a great connection with them. Maximus and i decided to take our time going home and drove up Highway 101 instead of heading east back to Interstate 5. On the way, Maximus recounted the blow job i’d done with Rhodie and said, “You wouldn’t stop even when I called the safeword, Red!” i was horrified! i never heard Him call Red. i apologized and swore to Him that i never heard Him call out Red, only “OK, OK, that’s good, I’m done.” He thought about it and realized that He hadn’t called Red after all, just thought it in His mind. i was nauseated thinking i had failed to recognize a safe word and disrespected that. A good lesson for both of us–say it when you need it, repeat it if you say it and play doesn’t stop, and “that’s good, I’m done” does not represent a safeword, unless we specify it as such. It turns out that it wasn’t that Maximus needed play to stop, He was trying to conserve this orgasm to do some more play. But, after the amazing orgasm He got from it, He really wasn’t upset at all that we took Him to climax.

Later at lunch, Maximus and i recounted the weekend at the beach, and He shared just how hot He thought the scene i did with SubR was. It was great to manage our D/s when adding a third person, me maintaining my submissive nature by completing dominant tasks given to me by Maximus. We have talked a bit in the past about how intrigued we are by the thought of having a shared slave, someone who could help me around the house, perhaps drive me back and forth between Maximus’ home and mine, chauffeur Him to and from the airport for business trips, and serve us sexually as well. Maximus envisions a female, i envision a male–which would mean it would be a service and sexual slave for me but only a service slave for Him. While SubR would be perfect due to the trust we have built in our friendship over the years (we are both concerned about bringing in unknown strangers into our homes), the relationship issues he and Indygo are having make him a poor candidate. If, however, down the road if they do split (which we are under the suspicion will occur), given time, SubR would be an excellent candidate for me. The prospect of having a service/sex slave is very appealing and knowing we can manage our D/s relationship with it makes it seem like a future possibility. We will see.

We got home and crashed! Such a fantastic weekend, so much more than we expected. We were too spent to head to the Convention Center for the last Dungeon Party of Kinkfest, but we were so satiated that never of us minded that. We got so much out of the first night and even just one workshop that it was worth every penny. And, we were able to spend two glorious days at the beach with old and new friends.

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This will probably make you laugh, but i’m finally watching Swingtown. i know it was on tv years ago, but i didn’t watch it, don’t have cable, and really didn’t even know about it. i saw it on Netflix recently and the first disc came today. As i chuckled at Bruce and Susan’s foray into swinging, i realized that i’d never blogged about how i got started in this lifestyle. Great topic idea, i thought!

my story goes back further than just my initiation into swinging, as there are some things in my past that led me down this path. Without those things, i would probably have never gotten into this lifestyle.

During my first marriage i had an affair with a woman. She was an acquaintance through work and we had instant chemistry the moment we met. i had an inkling she was lesbian, but that wasn’t the attraction, she was just someone i connected well with. i was unhappy in my marriage, my husband and i were not connecting, and as we were working different schedules, i had a lot of time available to spend with my friend. One evening, i kissed her, and we became lovers. Most of my free time was spent with her, we even traveled together, my husband not suspecting a thing. She was a lesbian, not bisexual, in fact, she was totally adverse to penises or sex with men. She wanted me to leave my husband and have a committed relationship with her, but i was not able to do that. i was not ready for the social ramifications of that and, quite frankly, while i was not having sex with my husband at the time (he had lost all interest in sex), i knew i really enjoyed sex with men as well as women and couldn’t deny myself that. It was a horrible breakup for both of us, one of the hardest in my life, and i truly loved her. i never told my first husband about this affair as i knew it would destroy him, and still would, if he ever found out.

i eventually divorced this husband and had several sexual affairs with men. After a bit, i met my second husband. i had decided that i did not like that i had been dishonest in my first marriage and divulged my lesbian affair–i never wanted to be dishonest with a partner again. i was fearful that my truth would scare ex #2 away, but it didn’t, it excited him! He shared that he and his ex-wife had “fuck friends,” another couple that they played around with, and really enjoyed that. i had a million questions about that, didn’t understand it at first, but, a threesome had always been a secret fantasy of mine. i truly enjoyed having sex with a woman and this seemed like a way to continue that honestly.

We didn’t jump into swinging immediately. We talked about it throughout the year we dated and the year we were first married. Close to our first anniversary, i discovered that he had been perusing swinger sites, which bothered me, although it did not appear that he had met with anyone. i decided that i didn’t want him to have a sexual affair (note, our sex life was fantastic, so that wasn’t an issue) and suggested to him that maybe we should try a swinger’s site out (i never divulged that i had discovered his secret). We set up a profile and had our first swingers’ date with another couple on our first wedding anniversary!

Our first date was phenomenal! i had no idea what to expect, and neither did my husband. We met this couple at a great pub, had drinks and dinner, hit it off well, and they asked if we wanted to go back to their place to play. So we did! And it was awesome! We were hooked. We went on more dates, started going to a local swingers club, and connected with a group that i still play with today–the group where i, in fact, met Maximus. We never played separately, that i’m aware of, but i have a feeling that i am incorrect in that statement! Our swinging did not break us up, in fact, it was the strongest part of our relationship, but it couldn’t hold us together.

It was a great journey. i never met other swingers the way Bruce and Susan did. If we did, they certainly did not divulge their lifestyle. i do know that i am much like Trina now, that i love to be edgy and provocative with vanilla to see what bites, but really not as forthright or assertive with them as she was when she had Susan over for their Fourth of July party. Part of the reason is that i really do not like to teach people how to be swingers and hate the risk of drama from someone or couples freaking out about the lifestyle in the middle of things. And, i like to keep my privacy about my lifestyle and separate my kink from my vanilla friends.

But i’m never going back to vanilla! i moved to Swingtown and am  never moving away!

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Lost in Subspace

This should be an easy blog to write, having spent five amazing days with Him in and out of D/s play…but when i start to think about it, i realize much of it runs together and i can’t distinctly remember some of it as i was lost in subspace some of the time! i’m not complaining, it was unfrickingbelievable! Just makes blogging about it difficult! i need a video camera i think! Hmmmmm…..there’s a thought!

i think i’ll do this Rachel Kramer Bussel-style

Day One
i’m surprising Him…i came up to His place this morning, He’s in Phoenix for work until tomorrow night. A few months ago He mentioned how much He loved how i faux painted my cast concrete fireplace surrounds to look like stone and that someday He’d love for me to do His. i’ve been planning this for several weeks, knowing that i had extra time off before our planned time together this long weekend. i spent today priming and painting two coats of base color and will spend tomorrow finishing it up in time for His arrival home in the evening.

He keeps calling all day. i love this! i put Him on speaker phone while we talk and He asks if i’m in the bathtub…He’s trying to figure out what i’m doing while we are talking and i can tell He’s wondering why i’m there so early. i make things up. i hope He likes this and i hope there aren’t repercussions that i have been, essentially, lying to Him for two days to do this.

i had to pack my huge suitcase for this trip to accommodate all the toys and clothes for everything we have planned. It’s full, huge, heavy, difficult to get up the stairs! For the first time, i’ve unpacked my bags and moved into the empty drawers in the dresser and under my sink in His bathroom. This feels good. i put all the toys in the bottom dresser drawer, line up my sexy boots and shoes in His closet, and stow away my empty suitcase into the guest room closet. i’m home. This gives me butterflies.

i’m exhausted. We talked on the phone, i had some wine, and i can’t stay up any longer. i get down the “Fun Stuff” bag from the closet shelf, pull out the Hitachi-style corded vibrator, and give myself a fantastic orgasm before drifting off to sleep. i wrap myself in His sheets, hug His pillows, dream of Him here with me.

Day Two
i spend the morning masking off the fireplace to prepare for faux painting. i want to start early so i have it completely finished, including two coats of shiny polyurethane, when He walks in tonight. He’s on the road today, calls me all day again. i love hearing His voice.

i did not wear panties

He texts from the plane, “Ok. Hot chick eating your pussy while I fuck her. Your eyes and mine on each other.” i reply, “tomorrow.” We are going to a swinger party tomorrow that friends of His are hosting at their home. i am trembling inside, i can hardly stand the four hour wait until i see Him again. i take a bath, put on my long, off-the-shoulder black lace dress that He’s only seen on Skype. i know it’s early, but i just need to be sexy. i insert my tail, it shows through the shear lace, so sexy. The fireplace looks awesome.

i hear His car. He walks in, “I’m home!” and goes first into His office to drop off His computer bag. He walks into the great room, stops in His tracks and exclaims, “Oh my God!” and stands there with His mouth dropped open. “I love it!” i am so pleased. i get up from the couch, “Wow, look at you! Oh, your tail!” He says. We embrace and kiss; i am so glad He’s here. i’ve surprised Him, genuinely, finally! We talk while He unpacks, have some soup i’ve made, and then we go to bed together, at last.

“I thought I’d be too tired for sex tonight, but I want you,” he says as He rolls me over, gets on top and enters me. i’ve been swishing my tail against His legs and over his cock and balls. He feels so good. He brings me to orgasm over and over. i come so hard that i push the glass butt plug completely out. He comes inside me, replaces the tail in my ass, and we curl up to sleep. He wakes me two more times during the night to make love; He doesn’t come, however, as we have a party tomorrow night and He’s trying to conserve Himself.

Day Three
We wake in the morning and cannot keep ourselves from each other. While He’s in me i tell Him, “gabriella is looking forward to playing with Maximus this weekend.” So far, it has not been g and M, understandably. “Mmmmm,” he replies, “Me too.” He rolls me over, slaps my ass and tells me not to come. i let Him know our toys are in the bottom drawer of the dresser. He gets up, returns with the nipple clamps, “I can’t wait to try these.” He puts one on my left nipple, it sears me, i arch my back and gasp. He leaves the other end free, the chain trailing down my chest. “Roll back over,” He commands. “Do you want to come?” “Yes, please, sir, i want to come.” He tells me to count aloud to ten while He fucks me furiously from behind. When i get to nine He tells me to count five more. Oh, He’s so clever! i think. i get to 15, He tells me i’ve been good and can come. EXPLOSION!! He giggles, flips me over, tells me how good i am, tells me to spread my legs, grab my ankles, and pull my legs back toward my ears, legs open. i do this and He inserts His fingers inside my pussy into my sweet spot. He tells me not to come and pounds His fingers inside me. “Oh sir, please don’t make me fail! Please don’t make me fail!” He knows exactly how to make me come. i’m not sure i can hold off. He takes me to the edge, rolls me over and spanks me. He flips me back over and tells me to count to five. i do and explode into another orgasm.

When we are done, He takes me into His arms for my aftercare, telling me how pleased He is. My body is electric, but i can’t explain this wonderful electric feeling i’m feeling. There’s a buzzing in my womb, an energy. i feel like i have an orgasm trapped. i’m laying on my back next to Him, He’s on His side. i explain this, gesturing over my abdomen with a swirling movement with my hand. “i feel like i could have an orgasm right now,” i breathed, “even without you touching me.” “gabriella, come for me, I want you to come,” He said. He tells me to come, how much it would please Him, how much He loves me, and my body seizes into an orgasm! He grabs my hair when i come and it sends me into orgasm again, my body curling as i explode. It is incredible, something i’d only experienced one other time, years and years ago, as i woke myself up in the middle of a wet dream by coming. “Wow!!” He exclaims. “i told you there was something going on in there!” i was so glad He allowed me to come as i don’t think i could have handled the intense energy inside of me much longer. i was grateful for His generosity.

We take a shower and head out for errands, swimming, and a meetup date with a new couple. He’s met this couple years ago, with His ex-wife, JB, but they are into BDSM and JB was not, so the meeting did not go well last time. He really liked them, has seen them at the Club. i’d found them online and He was very excited that they interested me. We are meeting for drinks only as we have a party to go to tonight, and this couple prefers non-play first meetings. Maximus wants me to wear my tail, but none of my dresses are long enough to cover it in public. Instead, i put on my red garter belt and matching bra, no panties, black fishnet stockings under a low-cut red dress that looks like fire and knee high black stiletto boots. Maximus is pleased.

We arrive at the restaurant…well, where the restaurant USED to be just two weeks ago. It’s been torn down and is now a concrete hole surrounded by orange construction barrier fencing! i realize i don’t have their cell numbers, that we’ve only corresponded by email, oh no! We laugh that we’ve had couples not show up before, but have never had the building not be there before! i send a quick email with the situation and my cell number so we can meet elsewhere. After i send my email i see i have one from them with a new location. We see them heading up the escalator to the new place, Maximus drops me off and i call out to them, walking to our new restaurant while He parks the car. E is tall, 6’5″, e is petite, blonde, shy. We hit it off wonderfully, enjoyed drinks and visiting. She is sub to him. We exchange stories and our lifestyles. We decide that we would love to get together again to play. They mention that they do play separately and would be interested in doing that, and we relate stories of playing separately and how we share those experiences. When it’s time to part, we exchange hugs. E and i kiss passionately and he whispers into my ear, “Such a beautiful woman, I’ve enjoyed meeting you.” Ooooh! i can’t wait to tell Maximus.

We run back home to change for our party. We end up on the bed talking about our meeting with E & e and then a very deep conversation about our relationship. Maximus has been having trysts with vanilla women which become very drama-filled quickly. He always tells me about these and asks my opinions which include my recommendation that He stay clear of vanilla women for this very reason. It bothers me immensely to tell Him to stay away from anyone and i worry that this recommendation makes me look possessive and jealous–which i’m not. i tell Him this because i know He prefers drama-free relationships and He appears to not see how trysts with vanilla women will always bring drama. We are going to be late, but this has been an important discussion. i quickly change into my black strapless dress with the short hankerchief hem and red ribbon lacing down the front and matching kneehigh black patent stiletto boots with matching red ribbon lacing up each side–Maximus chooses my outfit.

It takes an hour to get to the party and we talk the whole way, continuing our earlier discussion and more. It is a small group, which is great. The hosts, A&A, are wonderful. Winegirl is beautiful, tall, blonde, voluptuous, wearing black leatherette thong covered with a matching loincloth with rhinestone accents at her hips and a matching bra top. Flyboy is warm and inviting, very tactile. There is a triad with two women, C and M, who are wearing matching black-trimmed pink babydoll lingerie and rhinestone black kitty collars–they are fantastic! They have matching tattoos and BDSM triskele emblem necklaces…ooooh!

i’m missing a collar and am a little envious at this.

Triadguy is solid, bald, gottee’d, a Harley-looking man. There is another couple made up of a quiet white guy wearing shirt and tie with an Asian girl who looks exactly like a vanilla friend of mine, so much so that i almost call her by the wrong name all night. They look new and shy.

We had a wonderful dinner. Maximus sat at one end of the table with Winegirl and triad girls and i at the other between shy guy and Flyboy. Flyboy was very smitten with me and i very much enjoyed flirting and touching and kissing him throughout dinner. He kept whispering how beautiful i was and how much he wanted me. At the end of dinner, Winegirl came over, pulled down the top of my dress and started sucking my nipple. Ooh! i stood up and started kissing her, pulling out her breasts as well. We enjoyed putting on a show for the table. We moved over the the couch, my dress off, boots on, and she laid me back to lick my pussy, enthralled with my piercing. Maximus came over to join. He ended up fucking her from behind while she ate me, our eyes locked, just like His wish He’d texted on the plane. i licked her pussy as well, then Flyboy wanted me to join Him in the hottub in the garage. Maximus came with. i floated on my back with my head resting on His chest while Flyboy licked my pussy–so very, very skilled he was! Others joined us. i got warm and exited, knelt in front of Triadguy outside the tub and gave him a long blowjob, deepthroating him. We eventually all moved upstairs.

The night was wonderful! After Triadguy, i joined Maximus with Winegirl, slipping my fingers into her pussy while He fucked her from behind. i put a finger in His ass and He immediately came in a huge shouting orgasm! After He left the room, Winegirl and i snuggled and played, and she said, “I don’t know what you did, but it made him come immediately and huge!” After we played, i found Flyboy because we’d not yet had a chance to and i was concerned that he might be thinking i was avoiding him. He pulled me into the bedroom, laid me on my back very gently and began caressing me. He entered me, asking me frequently if i was ok, which i assured him i was–he seems very concerned about my well being, which was nice, but after awhile i had to ask him to stop asking, that i would tell him if something was wrong. He flipped me over and told me to watch us in the mirrored closet door. He was wonderful, i came over and over. He took me to the shower and bathed me, so sensually, rubbing me all over with a showerscrub, telling me how beautiful i was. He also washed me hair. i returned the favor and then we got out after we ran out of hot water. We joined everyone in the living room afterward. We ate, visited in the afterglow. Maximus was exhausted and we had a long trip home, so we said our goodbyes and headed back.

i was exhausted. We crawled into bed and i draped myself over Him, and we were both dosing off to sleep. i felt bad that i was dosing off, thinking we should make love in reaffirmation of our devotion to each other, like we prefer to do after being with others. Maximus must have felt the same and i was gently awakened by Him rolling me over in my sleep and taking me. 

Day Four
This is our day, a luxurious day alone together. We woke in each others arms and talked about the night. We had plans to go swim. Our discussion fired our ardor and we made love again. He went downstairs and came back with coffee and His “indulgence” of the Sunday paper in bed. It was a beautiful morning together. He went downstairs again to check work email and i sent Him a message on Skype, “hello gorgeous…imagining you sitting in front of your computer in your robe, cup of coffee, and sexy woman upstairs in your bed…” i padded downstairs to Him to see if He wanted to take a shower before we went off to swim. 

Maximus determined this pic was photoshopped!

We headed upstairs and started the water, but then He turned off the water and directed me back to bed. i had found the riding crop earlier in His closet next to where the toy bag is kept and had laid it atop the bag on the floor next to the bed. He let out an “Aha!” when He noticed it and directed me onto my stomach. He pulled out the Hitachi-style vibrator, set it on high, and placed it under me, faced downward with the vibrating ball on my clit. Ooooh! The crop trailed softly over my skin, up and down my back, over my ass and down my thighs and then, whack!, smacked my ass. It stung, was amazing! He told me He wanted to make a red mark on my ass in the shape of the end of the crop, as while He was getting ready to fly home i had sent Him a picture of this that i’d found on Facebook. He alternated crop and rubbing out the sting with His hand, trailing the crop over my back. i was instructed not to come; it took everything i had not to. He rammed His cock inside me and ordered me to come twice, which i did explosively, feeling my pussy squeeze tightly around Him each time. 

Note my red ass and swollen labia!

My mind flipped and all i could think of was feeling the crop slap against my asshole! i begged Him to do this. i don’t know what came over me, i’d never desired this or even thought of it before, but i needed it so badly! The crop came down on my rosebud ass and Awwwww! it was amazing! “Again, harder,” i begged, and Maximus brought the crop down on me again. It was amazing! He alternated cropping my rosebud, fingering me, telling me not to come, ramming His cock into me and giving me the order to release into an orgasm, all while i was riding the vibrator. i then begged for the crop on my pussy. “Crop my pussy lips, please, sir.” Whack! Oh the sting! Whack! it came again. i could feel my labia swell after each strike. i wanted His cock in me so badly! “Please, sir, please put your cock inside me!” Oh Goddess, it’s so unbelievably amazing! He pulled out after allowing me to come on Him again, returning to cropping my pussy and asshole. i lost track of time and space, swirled around subspace. “Oh, your pussy is SO RED!” Maximus exclaimed. “I need to come on that. Roll over!” i rolled over and He fucked me hard, pulled out and came all over my pussy. i was breathless! “Rub it in,” He ordered, and i did, soothing my engorged lips. He helped me up and led me to the shower. My legs were jelly, heart pounding, clit throbbing like i’d never felt before. i embraced Him but lost strength in my legs, sliding down His body and onto the shower floor, my arms wrapped around His legs, water pouring over my head and back. “Oh baby,” He cooed. i held onto Him, my face pressed against His leg, and He washed my body and my hair as i sat helpless in the shower. 

After regaining my senses, we dressed and i made breakfast. We went wine tasting and worked on our 2013 goals. This was wonderful. We talked about all aspects of our lives together and separate, intermingling our personal and relationship goals. We came across some things that we missed in our contract and i made notes to amend that–and we realized that we had not yet actually signed our contract, had only the electronic signatures and needed to fix that too. We went grappa tasting as well, so Maximus could show me the beautiful woman at the grappa bar! Maximus wanted to take me to a vegan restaurant for dinner, but i was so tired that i just wanted to have leftovers and cuddle with Him on the couch with a movie. He agreed. i made dinner, we watched a movie, and then we went to bed, at 7 PM! 

But we didn’t go to sleep right away…

gabriella had been dying, waiting to use the final toy from the care package that Maximus had sent her two weeks ago–the strap-on. Maximus had told gabriella not to buy any toys but when the care package arrived, there were no dildos to use with the strap-on, so she inquired about this. “gabriella should get what she wants to go in the strap-on.” i promptly went to SheBop in Portland. They were wonderful there and i ended up with two different dildos to go in the harness, a medium sized Silk, one without a penis head, for starter dildo to work on pegging Maximus, and a Nexus Junior, double dildo. i chose the junior because one side is smaller than the other, so i could have a large dildo inside me and a smaller dildo inside Him as we were just starting with pegging for Him.

“Sir, may i please try something with You?” i asked. He said yes. “May i blindfold You?” He smirked and agreed. i found a blindfold and had Him sit back on the bed. He giggled and taunted me as i dug through the bottom drawer for the harness and Silk dildo. i sucked His cock and then told Him to get on His hands and knees. “Oh no!” He teased in a falsetto voice. i lubed up my fingers with the Maximus lube i found (how perfectly awesome is that?!?) and started fingering His ass. i then lubed up the Silk and eased it into His ass, hearing Him gasp. i started easing it in just an inch or so and then out, then back in and then out, reaching down and fondling His cock and balls. i made sure He was ok and He was. Slowly, i began easing it further in each time and then He suddenly pushed back and jammed it all the way into His ass! “Wow! That’s all the way in!” i fucked His ass with it and then pulled it out so i could insert it into the harness. i pulled Him back to the edge of the bed and inserted the dildo into His ass and carefully pushed into Him. It took me a bit to get used to fucking someone, getting my position right. “Oh yah, baby, give it to me!” turned into “Give it to me, is that all you’ve got?!?” He was taunting me, reminding me i was His sub, Domming me while i fucked Him. i pulled out, my straps were too loose, pushed Him forward and climbed up onto the bed, standing behind Him and penetrated Him roughly. He gasped and began taunting me again. i decided He was ready for the double dildo.

i worked to position the larger dildo inside me, letting Him hear me gasp. i tightened the straps, lubed the shaft and head of the new dildo and entered Him. “Oh, wait…Uh!” He cried out. i giggled, “Oh, i thought You wanted me to give it to You!” i eased it in and out in little increments, slowly going all the way in. “Is that all you’ve got?!?” He exclaimed, and i began to ram it into Him, but the dildo inside me slipped out, then it slipped out of Him. “Yes, yes, yes!” He exclaimed and i teased him about getting off when it wasn’t even inside Him! i fixed the harness and rammed into Him and He cried out again. He wanted to hear me come while i was fucking Him. My legs were tired, not being used to fucking someone and He was getting sore, so i removed the strap-on and His blindfold. We laughed at His taunting and i told Him that i really just wanted to ram the large double-ended dildo i use with other women into Him and shut Him up, but that i realized that i was His sub and He was domming me even while i was fucking Him. i cleaned our toys and we crashed into each other to sleep.

Day Five
We awoke at 7 AM after eleven hours of sleep, completely unlike us. We had coffee. Maximus had work calls today, a lot of them. i made oatmeal for us. Between phone calls, we played, Maximus found the bag of clothespins and tried them on my nipples, very intense, and then on my labia majora. i thought the labial pins would be too intense, but i could barely feel them. i think they would be more intense on the sensitive labia minora, but we didn’t get there! Maximus again controlled my orgasms and we showered afterward. Our shower was very intimate in a very different way. Maximus discussed work issues with me and we bounced ideas about how to handle them. i found this confidence very personal, having Him expose this part of His life with me. 

Maximus returned to work and i transferred our 2013 goals to a spreadsheet and updated our contract. i printed out our amended contract and we signed them. i should have waited, though, instead of having us sign the copies during His work–it felt unceremonious, and the signing really did deserve more undivided attention. i returned to the office, knelt in front of Him with the contracts, kissed Him deeply, and told Him i loved Him. 

We swam, ran to Home Depot for some clamps (not for me, for the couch! haha!), and came home for lunch. The Englishman was coming today to stay and we were awaiting his arrival. Maximus returned to working and i clamped His sectional couch together, His request for me for the day. The Englishman arrived. Maximus had more work and an evening meeting to attend and then the three of us were going to go see Skyfall, the new James Bond movie. Both Maximus and i were hoping that i would fuck The Englishman again, preferably while He was at the meeting so He could return to find us in the middle of having sex. 

The Englishman and i ended up going for a lovely walk in the rain while Maximus worked. We went on a trail i’d run on Day 2. We walked about four miles and talked and talked about relationships, life. He had some questions about Maximus and me and some questions about 50 Shades of Grey which Maximus had loaned him. i didn’t divulge anything about our BDSM but we talked about that aspect of the book a bit, but mostly about the poor writing! i shared with The Englishman how i wasn’t going to marry again and how Maximus had surprised me by sweeping me into a relationship, when i hadn’t planned on being in one again. When i told him this, i said “and then stupid  Maximus went and surprised me.” and i felt horrible how that came out! i was trying to add levity to the conversation but in no way do i think Maximus is stupid, nor did i want The Englishman to think that i was putting Him down. i told The Englishman that i didn’t think Maximus was stupid, that it was meant to show my utter shock and surprise at His ability to change my life, and that i loved Him immensely. We were arm-in-arm during our woodsy walk in the pouring rain. It got dark and we arrived home to Maximus soaked to the bone. i stripped off my clothes in the laundry room and Maximus came in and laughed at how wet we’d gotten. i followed Maximus into the office; He inquired if i was going to have sex with The Englishman, and i replied that it did not appear that he was going to be comfortable with that (it was my impression that The Englishman, not being a swinger, is very concerned about intervening in my relationship with Maximus and damaging his relationship with Him). i told Him that i was trying to convince The Englishman to take a shower with me. Maximus then wrote a note on my ass for The Englishman to see in the shower. i was giggling as i left the office and The Englishman asked what was so funny and i told him Maximus had written on my ass. He asked what it said and i replied, “you’ll have to come take a shower with me to read it.” But he declined, as i thought he might. Maximus teased him about that and then quietly pulled me aside and told me, “That’s it, if he’s not going to fuck you, we’re putting on a show for him tonight.” i knew that meant Maximus would be wanting gabriella tonight.

Maximus ordered and picked up dinner for us and then went to His meeting. The Englishman and i watched Dexter. When He returned, we headed off to the movie, settling first in the theater bar where i sat between Maximus and The Englishman and flirted unabashedly with them and the bartender. Maximus laughed that the bartenders probably didn’t know what to think about Him as He’d brought several dates here–that made me giggle! gabriella was giddy with excitement for tonight.

Returning home from the movie, Maximus told The Englishman, “don’t be alarmed by the animal sounds coming from the bedroom tonight,” and The Englishman said, “I’m never alarmed by the animal sounds I hear from your bedroom.” Maximus replied, “you’ve not heard these sounds,” and i said, “please don’t call 9-1-1.” The Englishman chuckled with big eyes and i kissed him goodnight.

Maximus and i went into the bedroom. He shut the door and walked into the bathroom. i quickly peeled off my clothes, opened the bottom drawer and set out the red satin-lined leather wrist cuffs, nipple clamps, and the large and small floggers on the bed. He was talking as He was walking between the bathroom and the closet getting undressed. i quickly knelt down on the floor in the corner of the bedroom as He walked in. “Oh, look how you laid everything out for me. Good girl, gabriella.” i replied, “i hope it’s okay, sir, you’ve not trained me yet how you want me to do that.” “I will, gabriella, I will. You’ve done well.”

He stood me up and sat me down on the bed. He picked up the first cuff and put it on my wrist, but it was loose. When he reached down to pick up the second cuff, i boldly pulled the first cuff right off my wrist and handed it to Him; i did this without thinking and immediately thought, “Oh no, i am going to be punished for that.” He did not punish me, however, to my surprise. He undid the cuff and replaced it. i could see that He was not wrapping the cuff underneath itself, preventing it from getting tight, so i helped Him with that and He got it on properly that time. He did the same for the second cuff and then latched them together behind my back. He laid me back on the bed onto my clasped arms, opened my legs, and began to flog my thighs and pussy. He flogged my breasts and then placed clothespins on each nipple, sending searing sensations through my body. He rammed His cock into me, making me gasp and exclaiming, “Oh, your mouth opens every time I ram my cock into you!” He pulled Himself out, hesitated for a moment before ramming back into me, noting my mouth opening, then repeating that over and over with a warning for me not to come. He then flipped me over and began flogging my ass, moving to the crop, striking my rosebud ass and pussy. Being on my front twisted the clothespins, but they stayed in place, but also allowed me to bury my face in the bedding to muffle my cries from The Englishman who was just across the hall.

Maximus flipped me over onto my back and rammed into me over and over, increasing in speed. He told me to tell Him when i was going to come. i could feel it coming and told Him i was getting closer and closer. Then suddenly, i was hitting the edge and exclaimed i was starting to come. Unexpectedly, He reached up with both hands and suddenly simultaneously removed both clothespins from my nipples, threw them onto the bed, and grabbed both breasts and squeezed them! All the air sucked out of my lungs and searing pain from the release of the clothespins pulled me immediately into deep subspace as i simultaneously came. It was like one of those underwater nuclear explosions where the inital blast goes off and you see the shockwave fly through the water in a concentric circle from the center, immediately followed by another wave flying back into the center of the blast as water rapidly returns to fill the vacuum from the initial blast, shooting upward out of the surface as the water collides into itself. Video below (watch without the narration):

i don’t know how long i was gone. Silent tears streamed out of my eyes, i wasn’t crying, i was completely overwhelmed. Maximus was telling me how wonderful i was, how amazing i had been, how beautiful i was. i couldn’t speak or move. He kissed me and helped me up to standing and told me to go in and brush my teeth and come back to bed. i could hardly brush my teeth. i came back and curled into Maximus, who held me and stroked me, carressing me with His hands in His affirmations of love and adoration, telling me i was safe. The aftercare was amazing and i felt completely safe, even though i never, ever felt that i wasn’t. i fell asleep with my tears on His chest, my heart swollen with love.

Day Six
i awoke at 4:30, hearing The Englishman coughing. i want Maximus, i want to wake Him from sleep. i’m spooning Him so i reached around and hold His balls and stroke His cock which immediately stirs and grows. i move down and take Him in my mouth but He wants to be inside me. He enters me and we move together. We are still exhausted from last night and fall asleep still together.

This is our last morning together for this trip. We awake for His morning meeting and coffee. We shower together after His call and talk about our weekend and upcoming adventures. He goes down to His office to work but then returns. He orders me to take off my clothes. i only just get off my blouse, pants, and panties when He throws me down on the bed, fucking me hard. i can feel Him getting ready to come and i am surprised as we’ve never, ever had a quickie! “I’m going to come in you!” He exclaims, and then comes loudly, filling my pussy with semen. We giggle about having our first quickie. He tells me He wants my panties to be all sticky with His come on my drive home. i get the pink Kegel balls from the bottom drawer, have Him lubricate one in His mouth and shove them into my pussy. i feel them rattle inside me and His come leaking all around them after i’m dressed. This pleases Him.

It’s time for me to pack; i have to go into The Englishman’s room to get my suitcase, he’s still in bed. i kiss The Englishman and say my goodbyes to Him. It doesn’t take long to pack; i’ve decided to leave toiletries in my drawer so i don’t have to pack these every time i come up. It’s quiet in the house and i’m glad to have the time alone to pack, am enjoying the Kegel balls inside me.

Maximus and i sit on the couch and go over our schedules together, making sure we know what each other is doing and that we know exactly when we are getting together again. We’ve been invited to a birthday party of our friends through whom we met each other; we never miss their events and had already planned on being together at my home that weekend. i am coming up again in ten days and need plans as we don’t think a previously arranged playdate has solidified, so Maximus outlines requests for potential playmates and expectations for me to contact them to make arrangements. We talk about our Thanksgiving plans, which include His trip to Ms. W for a few days and Mountain Man and Sunflower coming to stay with me for several days. We are very good, both of us, with these arrangements, and reassure each other of our mutual commitment. We also go over the agreements we have made in our contract regarding playing separately, asking questions and getting clarification. i love that we talk about these things.

He walks me out to my car and kisses me deeply. He’s not for lingering goodbyes as i am, which is good, as i’d never be able to leave otherwise.

“G-O-T, baby,” says Maximus.

“i love you,” i reply

“Back at you.”

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In the Beginning, Part 2: Playful Intentions

I exclaimed His name when i saw Him, “i sent you an email and never heard from you!” i playfully pouted. “What?!? I never got it.” “i know, i sent it to your online profile and have seen you’ve not been on.”

“What did it say?” He inquired…

“That i hoped you were ok.”

“That’s so sweet!”

Summoned by a girlfriend, i sashayed away and sat in her lap as she desired. He approached to inquire what wine He could bring us and we placed our requests. i was glad to see Him, looked forward to playing as i’d missed His adept hands, desired to be taken by Him again. i wanted to play, that was my intention.

He sat with me at dinner, He inquired about my travels, i shared that i had started endurance racing since we’d last seen each other and that i was interested in hearing about His swimming. It was very nonchalant, just catching up on everything other than our relationships. We finished dessert and went off to play. It was wonderful as always and when I went to leave, we made sure we updated our contact information. It was very casual, no intentions at all other than reconnecting to play, and really, in my mind, to play as we had always done, at our friends’ parties.

Shortly thereafter, i signed up for a race in his town, three hours away from my home, and contacted Him to see if i might be able to get together with Him when i was there–i was planning on staying with family but thought it’d be great to see Him. He invited me to stay with Him instead, and i accepted.

i was nervous when i arrived, butterflies. We’d spent time together at parties, but not more than socializing at dinner, fucking, and afterglow cuddling. His home was beautiful! Immaculately clean, upscale, beautifully decorated, i was impressed, to say the least. The walls of His office were covered with national swimming awards and medals–i am in awe and feeling a little out of my league. He poured glasses of rich red wine from His extensive wine collection and we sat on the couch and talked about our relationships, having time to finally talk about what’d happened, share some things about ourselves. We started to kiss, it was heavenly. Then we moved into His office…Yes, His office. He cleared the floor, spread a leopard print Liberator mat, peeled off my clothes and His, and enjoyed each other until we were spent and hungry!

The next day we toured around Seattle, scoping out my race location, and wine tasting. And shameless flirting! That night He took me to a local swingers club He belonged to–it was Pirate Night, so we donned our sexy pirate garb and hooked up with His friend Z Baby and her date E to play. Wow! What fun. The four of us found ourselves in the Mirror Room, which, as the name suggests, has walls and ceiling lined with mirrors, although due to fears of broken glass, the mirrors are plastic sheets and have pulled away from the sheetrock in places and warped, giving it a bit of a hiliarious “House of Mirrors” effect! We finally pulled away at got home at 2am as i had a race in just a few hours.

My race? Well, it wasn’t my best performance! i was hungover, dehydrated, sleep-deprived, the muscles of my legs and buttocks were burning from two nights of fucking workouts, but He was wonderful support, being an athletic competitor as well.

We enjoyed the rest of my stay over the next days, our friendship blossoming. I returned home and we texted, talked on the phone, and emailed. For our friends’ next party two weeks later, i picked Him up at the airport and we arrived together, spent the night together at their home, and then He flew home. In fact, we did that for the next two parties, the second of which i drove Him back to Seattle afterward and stayed at his home for a week while i attended a work conference. Our friendship grew very intimate as we shared our stories, relationship histories, weaknesses and fears, bodies, caring for each other, helping each other out wherever we needed it. Our playful intentions were growing into something more.

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In the Beginning

As usual, i’m four steps ahead of myself…

How did we get here? Who are we? Let me start with our beginning, how we met and started our relationship together.

He and i have been great friends for years, met in the swinger lifestyle. i remember meeting Him for the first time, walking into our friends home with my then husband, and seeing Him walk out into the great room in a flourish, completely energizing the entire room and party. i remember being instantly transfixed with this gorgeous man and blown away when He approached me, sexy smile, “Mmmmm, hello,” an amazing kiss and rub, then his wonderful giggle when He then inquired if i’d like a glass of wine. “Who is this man?”, i thought. i want more.

We sat next to each other at dinner, flirts, glances, touches. After dessert He disappeared, only to reappear naked, swimmer’s physique, completely tan except his white ass glowing as He walked outside to the catcalls and teasing from the group about always being the first one naked. Oh my god, how do i not make it obvious, but i want to strip right now and join Him. i cannot remember how or when, but i did join Him, we met in the hot tub and promptly went upstairs to play.

His skin, oh His skin, i remember touching it for the first time–like kid leather, supple, taut, warm, golden, shaved smooth for swimming. His body on top of mine is heaven. Amazing kisses, my hands in his silky hair. And then He takes me in squirting orgasm with His hands, “That’s my favorite thing!” I gasp, “Please don’t stop!” We played together and then parted to check on our respective spouses and then played with others, it was, after all, a swingers party. We exchanged contact information when I left with my husband.

Although i so enjoyed Him, our contact was limited to parties at our friends’ home, so a few times a year. Neither my husband nor i had chemistry with His wife, but that did not deter us from enjoying each other fully when we were together.

Some time after, my marriage dissolved, well, it wasn’t solid to begin with. i contacted our lifestyle friends to let them know our status and contact changes. He replied to me to let me know i was always welcome to come stay with Him and his wife. i never took him up on that offer. i had lost my soul in my last marriage. i did see Him one last time at our friend’s Halloween party, two years ago this week, enjoyed Him but sex was a distraction i couldn’t handle and i needed to heal. i slipped away from the swinging lifestyle, delved into Tantra to rediscover myself.

After over a year of healing, learning through trial and error that vanilla relationships did not fit my life, i returned to swinging, reconnecting with my friends in this lifestyle. i returned to my online sources to reconnect and found His status had changed to single–i was shocked! i sent Him a note to let Him know i was sorry to see the status change, hoped He was ok, and as i had gone through a breakup myself, asked Him to let me know if he needed anything or just to talk. i never heard from Him. i checked his profile occasionally and saw He hadn’t been online to read it. Not knowing whose contact info i had, His or his wife’s, i was reluctant to email or call. 

Two months later, as i walked into my friends’ home, i watched Him walk out into the great room in a flourish, completely energizing the entire room and party…i want more.

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