Her insecurities drown her;

rip and tear her apart.

It’s all in her mind,

if she only saw herself

the way that He does.


Maximus and i are in Vegas as He has a convention. We’ve been looking forward to this as M&S decided to come to Vegas as well to share our trip and we hope to see our good friends Italian Stallion and Sparkle, who we met at Desire last year. The trip out was great, we had some good discussion on my M/s research and one of the books Maximus is reading. We’ve talked about some changes to our contract to reflect our M/s and separate out some things currently in it into rules and protocols, as well as some existing expectations of His that should be documented as rules and protocols.

Last night the plan was to have dinner with M&S and some people who we had thought were friends of their’s from Vegas and then go to their suite for playtime afterward. Turns out it was just us for dinner, which was fine. We had a wonderful dinner at Bouchon. i asked about their friends and S told us that they’d never met them, but that M had been corresponding with them for a bit online and by text. She said she was very excited to meet them and showed me a picture of a man with a gorgeous body. i asked to see a picture of the female half but she didn’t have one. She then added, “Well, the biggest reason I’m excited to see him is that he’s bringing pot,” which i misheard at first as he’s freaking hot until she repeated it. Maximus and i do not imbibe. We don’t have problems that other people do, that’s their choice, but Maximus cannot be around it due to possible random drug testing for His work, and M&S know this.

We went to M&S’s suite after dinner, which is beautiful and has a panoramic view of the strip and dead-on view of the giant High Roller ferris wheel. It was there that we learned a single female was coming over–someone they’d never met before. That surprised us and they really didn’t have much information on her. They told us literally five minutes before she arrived. We kept turning on lights in the suite so we would be able to visit with this girl and see her, but oddly M kept turning them all off, which was kind of disturbing to me. She arrived in the dark, really couldn’t see her, and we started to chat with her a bit. Turns out, she really wasn’t a swinger, this was her first time meeting a random couple, just has sex with lots of people–which surprised S as she’d had the impression from M that she was an experienced swinger from the online conversations he’d had with her. i wasn’t really impressed or comfortable with the situation, so i took Maximus into the other room and told Him that i really wasn’t feeling it, didn’t want to play, and really would like to head back to our hotel. He replied that He felt the same way.

Shortly thereafter, M announced that there had been enough talking and it was time to play. i looked at Maximus and said to the group that i really wasn’t feeling it. M&S said that was ok, we could just watch, as they were taking this women into the other room to play. Maximus got up and followed them in, saying He was going to watch. S came back out and sat with me and said she wasn’t really feeling it either. Soon, we heard the woman moaning and the sounds of squirting, which is Maximus’ thing, and the woman called out for S to come into the room. We both did and found Maximus finger fucking her. Well i was upset by this, as He told me He didn’t want to play with her and was going into the room to simply watch M play with her before we left. i gave Him a tug on the back of His shirt and whispered to Him that i needed to go. He knew i was mad.

We said our goodbyes and left. i was upset, didn’t want to talk to Maximus about it in the hall, elevator, cab, and by the time we got back to our hotel, didn’t want to ride in the elevator with Him and really wanted to go home. i felt He had betrayed my trust.

In the room, we decided to talk about it. i told Him that i didn’t feel like i could trust Him because of the situation that had just happened. He told me He was going into watch, wasn’t going to have sex, and that we were going to leave–but He didn’t do that. i had been very clear with my feelings and He had been clear in His response agreeing to that plan. i was calm, didn’t yell, but i told Him i wanted to go home, He could stay, and that i felt because of this lack of trust i couldn’t continue in M/s or our relationship.

Maximus started to respond by explaining what He had done and i stopped Him and asked that He use the Imago dialogue process that we are contractually bound to use in times of disagreement. i said that His explaining sounded like justification and we needed to use Imago as our contract required, and so i would not get angry. He did and communicated that He absolutely went against what He told me He was going to do, that He had betrayed my trust, understood that it felt like He had lied to me and how that would make me feel, and that He had prioritized not making M&S feel uncomfortable over my feelings, and apologized. He said it was a mistake and it made Him feel horrible. He also didn’t want me to leave Vegas, M/s, or our relationship, which i agreed not to do.

i was emotionally drained and after we finished that dialogue i shared with Maximus some feelings i was having, insecurities. Like i briefly mentioned in my last entry, i’ve gained weight after my hysterectomy and despite exercising and continuing my vegan diet, cannot lose weight, while Maximus’ clothes are falling off of Him. My running has become so difficult and exhausting that i cannot do it anymore. i am embarrassed by how i look, frustrated i cannot seem to fix it, disappointed in myself, don’t feel sexy, and getting quite insecure about it. His actions to pull back over the past year has compounded my lack of sexiness, to the point that i have lost interest in swinging, our swinger sites, etc. i communicated i was fearful about going to Desire next week because of it. However, i didn’t want to make a decision about canceling that trip while i was upset, emotional, and tired.

Maximus assured me how sexy He finds me and understood how pulling back compounded the situation. He promised to correct that. He agreed to talk about Desire later. We went to bed and i was still emotionally upset. Maximus got physically sick a couple of hours later, something i’ve never seen with Him before. i don’t know if it was our discussion or food. But by morning He was better and we had sex.

We had a late breakfast this morning with M&S. Prior to me arriving, Maximus talked to them about the prior evening. Turns out, they asked the woman to leave about twenty minutes after we left, as it was not working out, and the other couple never even showed up. It was a bust. Maximus explained that we (it’s primarily me) really prefer to spend a little bit of time getting to know people, or that they really know the people before we start fucking them, and last night just didn’t accommodate that for us. They totally understood. This evening should be better for that.

Maximus and i talked alone after breakfast and i told Him that i was feeling better. i shared that i need to get over this insecurity about my body because it is going to ruin me and my sexual feelings. i feel that my hormonal imbalance is not only affecting my physical body, but it is really messing with my thoughts and impressions of myself. He asked if that was why i had gotten upset about His actions with the woman the night before, and i said no, that was a trust issue about being told one thing and having Him do the complete opposite. i shared that i felt our M/s may be helpful in supporting my steps to regain my sexy security and He agreed. i also told Him that i wanted to keep our Desire trip as planned.

i feel badly that we had this hiccup. He was very appreciative that we did not have a fight last night, as would have happened even a few months ago, rather, we had a discussion without yelling and i/we stuck to our contract accordingly. i feel badly that i got upset at Him and don’t feel like a good sub because of it. However, i know that Maximus is human, and that human Masters make mistakes sometimes and i forgive Him for it. So despite our hiccups and my insecurity, i think we’re on the right path with our M/s, certainly are growing and interacting better when we comply with our contract and rules contained in it. i trust in Him and in our agreement. i will trust in how He sees me and grow from that.

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Who are we?

question-marksIt’s been a hard year for me, maybe not hard/difficult, but a disappointing struggle. But it wasn’t about Maximus, not about our relationship, not about me retiring and moving in with Him into a 24/7 M/s situation, but with my body. i’ve just never recovered from getting the uterine fibroids and hysterectomy to remove them–my body never came back, despite trying to force it back into shape, both physically and endurance-wise. i was afraid to admit it, but finally a few months ago i resigned to the fact that something was wrong with me. Long story short (will be another journal entry), after seeing several doctors, i have a poorly functioning thyroid gland, barely functioning adrenal glands, and a previously unknown genetic predisposition (due to two mutations) for this. i’m not lazy or crazy! i am starting the path to recovery, and hopeful things will improve over the next few months.

my health didn’t just impact me, however. Maximus has struggled on how to help, what to say or not say, whether to hold us to our M/s or not. He finally decided to just let the M/s go for a while, including BDSM play and vanilla sex. Unfortunately, i was not aware of this and only felt Him pulling away. This only made me feel worse, thinking that He was not desiring me. i finally asked why He wasn’t interested in me and we talked about what was going on. i had just come to the conclusion that i needed to see a specialist about my health, so we had a very frank and open conversation about everything.

What we really want, both of us, is to get back into our M/s. Really, we’ve not strayed too far out of it, i’ve operated on the assumption of service, it’s just that Maximus did not feel comfortable with me in my state to be very forceful or strict about my training. There were many days i just didn’t feel well and my attitude reflected that, which Maximus didn’t deal with. Right or wrong, it’s what happened.

Last week we reviewed our contract, which prompted a lot of great discussions. One thing that came up was the question, “Who are we?” We both want M/s, my serviceheart desires that, but Maximus just is not comfortable with the aspect of physical discipline we tend to see and read about with M/s relationships (don’t get me wrong, Maximus loves physical BDSM, but physically punishing me for something i have done incorrectly or for discipline in my service is not the leader He is. It caused us concern that perhaps we weren’t doing it right or perhaps it’s not what we really mean when we say M/s. So Maximus has tasked me with researching M/s relationships to investigate how we fit into it, what we need to do, contract adjustments, protocols, etc.

So far, the research has been fascinating! i’m re-reading things i/we read in the past when we were preparing for my move up and our 24/7 M/s, and i’ve found some other things that are very insightful and helpful. i will be journalling about this as we go through this process to re-establish our M/s.

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What i’m Reading


i love to read! i bought a Kindle with airline mile points about a year ago and love the convenience of getting books without having to drive to a bookstore or library. i can get a book at 3AM if i want! And it will suggest other books you might like, books i otherwise might not have known about. It’s not uncommon for me to read several books a day on my Kindle, or Kindle app on my iPhone or laptop.

What i’ve been reading:

Sex, Stories and Power Exchange by Dan and dawn Williams

sex stories and power exchangei started reading this on the plane ride back from our trip to Las Vegas. Maximus and i really, really enjoy Dan and dawn’s podcast, Erotic Awakening, and found their other book, Living M/s, to be very insightful and a great guide for us. This book is not so much a guide on total power exchange relationships as a collection of scenes. Dan and dawn include their discussion points at the end of each chapter, as they do in Living M/s, so there are caveats and lessons learned, etc from them in regards to scenes and M/s relationships.

Before i had the raging episode, i loaded this book on Maximus’ iPhone and He started reading it as well. i was, and still am, interested in discussing the scenes in the book and find out what interests both of us. i think it will be enlightening!

Women: The Ownership Manual by Logan Alexander

womenThis book was very interesting as it is a guide for men looking to establish D/s relationships. For me, it helped reaffirm the reasons i flourish in a TPE (Total Power Exchange) relationship: being protected in all circumstances and all times, being guided, a feeling of completeness allowing me to do anything for the right man, being uniquely desired, etc. The fascinating thing for me was that while reading it, i realized the points the author was making for male readers to understand and implement in fostering this type of relationship were all things that came, or seemed to come, naturally to Maximus.

Each chapter has case studies of D/s relationships and how they employed the concepts presented in that section. What i appreciated was the range of application presented, from subtle to extreme, recognizing that each relationship seeks its own level and aren’t cookie-cutter images.

Leading and Supportive Love: The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships by Chris M. Lyon

leading and supportiveWhat i enjoyed about Lyon’s book was that it focused on the psychology of D/s relationships, not as a relationship as a whole, but on the level of personal dynamics of the Dominant (leading partner) and the submissive (supportive partner) and how they interact and are naturally attracted to each other. i really loved how the author addressed equality and control in the relationship, recognizing that both partners have equality and control in the relationship, something that many people do not understand when looking at D/s, M/s, or TPE relationships from the outside. And i appreciated how he found that many submissive (supportive) partners are leaders, major decision-makers in their professional lives and are so relieved to come home to a partner who can make decisions in their home and personal lives, melting into that and truly relaxing.

i found the information on the attributes of each partner, on what they need from the other person, to be extremely enlightening. And it helped confirm how my previous relationships were just not a good match for me. It was amazing to read this and then go over the conversations i’d had with Maximus about this topic and see how much of it matched up. And it was the same for the things He had shared with me.

These books were all different from one another, each dealing with a different aspect of BDSM, D/s, and kink. While there were parts that i didn’t need in all of them, there were parts that were very helpful and enlightening. i think it is important to be educated and informed, be open to all opinions and potential aspects to this type of lifestyle in order to both formulate and support your personal relationship. For some, this can be a great way to affirm they are ok, not deviant. For others, it can be a way to help decide what direction they want to take their relationship. Each book provided a kernel of knowledge that was reaffirming, thought-provoking, and helpful, and a great conduit to initiate important conversations with my partner.

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Our First Six Months…Oh How We’ve Grown!


i can’t believe it’s been six months already! A couple of weeks ago i pulled up our contract to get ready to review it before Maximus and i were going to be together, which is our ritual, and i noticed that our contract was set to expire April 30th, our six month D/s anniversary. i was so surprised by this! i texted Maximus about it and ended with, “i’d like to continue the contract” and He replied, “So would I.” Whew! And then suggested that we renew our contract on the beach when we are in Hawaii this upcoming week. i am delighted in this!

i went through our contract and made revisions to reflect where we are now. i was surprised to see quite a few areas where we have grown and changed, especially in our BDSM Activities List–things that were hard limits were not hard limits anymore, in fact, many of them were much desired activities now.

Maximus called me from His business trip to go over the revisions and we went through the contract together. He had texted earlier that He had “lots of feedback” on the revisions–yikes! It turned out ok and we had some great discussion about the contract and our relationship, where we started, where we’ve been, what we need to work on.

The first revision we made was to eliminate my termination clause. Okay, okay, i know you just yelled at your computer, “What the hell is she thinking?!?!!!” Remember, our contract, our D/s relationship grew out of our Big R Relationship, is built on love and the principle of GOT. We have a commitment to each other that is beyond this contract, therefore, a clause to end our relationship is contradictory to our commitment. The second revision was to eliminate Maximus’ termination clause. Our commitment to each other is such that we will work through problems and issues and not terminate our relationship. Our contract is always available for revision and should parts of our D/s relationship change, our contract will change to reflect this, but the Relationship will remain intact.

We had quite a bit of discussion about the next clause:

…the submissive is to serve and obey the Dominant in all things. Subject to the agreed terms, limitations, and safety procedures set out in this contract or agreed additionally under clause 3 above, she shall without query or hesitation offer the Dominant such pleasure as he may require and she shall accept without query or hesitation his training, guidance, and discipline in whatever form it may take.

Maximus asked if that meant if He did not want a conversation to continue or if He wanted me to stop behaving in a certain manner whether He could instruct me to stop…and i said, “Yes, absolutely. You’ve always had that authority, but You’ve rarely used it.” There have been times where He has asked me to stop a direction of discussion that was not fruitful, in the case of disagreements, and there have been times where He has instructed me not to drive home, instructed me to stay, etc. and i’ve always complied. i mentioned it would be helpful for Him to use this clause when i get worried and anxious about relationship issues and want to flee.

Next, we decided to change the term of our contract to 12 months rather than six. We decided on the first six month time limit because this was new and we didn’t know what to expect from it. Now that we know more about ourselves, our relationship, D/s, Power Exchange relationships, we are both comfortable and desire a longer term to our contract. Our intention is to make our Hawaii trip an annual event for us to renew our commitment to and contract with each other.

We laughed at the next revision! Our contract originally stated that time between [being physically together] shall not extend greater than one month’s time. We both laughed because we know that we cannot have more than a couple of weeks between time together without going absolutely crazy, therefore it was not necessary to have that in our contract. This was put into our contract because we’d had a five-week absence from each other in August, before our relationship moved from friendship to committed Relationship, and it was completely unbearable–it really helped us realize our feelings for each other, but we NEVER wanted to go through that long of an absence ever again. Now that it’s impossible for either of us to be apart for that long, it’s not necessary to have in the contract–it’s a given.

The next clause that was removed had to do with travel arrangements. It was very difficult for me to accept Maximus’ desire to pay for my travel expenses, use frequent flyer/guest points, etc. to comp accommodations. i have learned that it gives Him great pleasure to take care of these things. Maximus does not balk when i do special things for Him and i needed to learn not to balk when He does special things for me–and i have. In addition, Maximus has learned to accept that He is with someone who wants to contribute, has the means to contribute, and finds it important to contribute–He’s never had that before in a relationship. We removed language that required discussion of travel expenses and my acceptance of the use of His travel program points–this has been a big step for both of us in our growth and Maximus was very pleased with this.

i was very shocked at the clause that Maximus was most concerned about, something that never bothered Him before in all the times we reviewed our contract:

The Dominant accepts the submissive as his, to own, control, dominate, and discipline during the Term. The Dominant may use the submissive’s body at any time during the Allotted Times or any agreed additional times in any manner he deems fit, sexually or otherwise.

He noted that He was very shocked that this was in our contract, that i would give such power to Him. Wow! This totally blew me away! To me, this is the basis of a D/s relationship and to remove this was to remove the very foundation of our Total Power Exchange. He was very concerned that it gave Him too much power and requested that i remove it. He was not concerned that He would abuse His power, but that He was surprised that someone would so willingly put themselves at risk for abuse of power. i explained to Him that yes, it did give Him complete power and that i gave it to Him out of complete and absolute trust. i trusted that He would use this power responsibly and not abuse it, and that was my ultimate gift to Him. He agreed to leave this in our contract after our discussion and my explanation. It was very interesting to me that this clause triggered Him so–i never would have expected that after these past six months of operating within these parameters of our existing contract. i very much appreciated His concern and candor about something so fundamental to our relationship. It was very worthy of discussion and really reinforced my commitment to our power exchange relationship

Our next discussion was about our communication rules. We both freely admit that we need to do better in this area and follow the terms of our contract that were written specifically to aid in conflict resolution. Our contract reads, in part:

Both parties agree to work through disagreements rather than dissolve this agreement. Disputes or disagreements shall begin and end with the spoken words, “I/i love Y/you.” The Dominant and the submissive agree not to yell at any time during disputes or disagreements. Safewords may be used to communicate frustration level to the other party. Either party may request a break from discussions in order to avoid pushing frustration levels to a point of yelling; this break will not be indefinite, but have specific time parameters indicating when discussions shall proceed again. It is also understood that at times, circumstances of life and work may not allow for immediate discussion. In these cases, the parties will set a specific time to have focused discussion with each other, free of distractions and allowing for private communication.

If communication fails completely, both parties can take the discussion “To The Locker Room.” The Dominant and the submissive agree that this should be the last alternative and only to be used in the rarest of occasions, if at all.

Unfortunately, while we have all this beautiful language, we have occasionally raised our voices and yelled, failed to begin and end with I/i love Y/you, failed to cue each other with safewords to indicate frustration levels, and have held heated arguments on the court rather than taking it to the Locker Room. Honestly, it was a relief to hear Maximus say that He too had failed to observe our contractual agreements in this area, as i have been feeling very guilty about my communication failures. We have promised each other to be more cognizant of this and to follow our contract in order to keep our communication respectful and productive, the way it has intended to work.

Finally came the fun stuff–my BDSM Activities List! We laughed and giggled throughout this section as our boundaries have so clearly moved outward this past six months. Our level of trust has increased exponentially, allowing us both to share our deepest, darkest secret desires and experience things we only dreamed of but never shared with anyone before. And with this sharing of desires, we have been able to make many of these dreams come true. We have no fear in sharing our desires, and this is a wonderful, wonderful thing. And it’s not because of the BDSM Activities List that this came about, it’s because of the frank discussions we’ve had in building our Relationship, developing our contract, communicating, and learning about ourselves and each other. Its through building of ultimate trust.

So our contract has been agreed upon and is ready for us to sign. We will be taking this with us to Hawaii and share our own personal commitment ceremony together on the beach to renew our contract and bond. Maximus has made some requests for things to be included in this ceremony and i have asked to re-present His ring to Him as part of my commitment to Him. i am just in awe of this extraordinary thing we have.


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Venus in Fur

Awesome A and i had been trying to get together to go to a play for months and unfortunately, i have had to cancel each one of the outings we’d planned for one reason or another. We had already rescheduled our night out, months ago, to the Saturday after we’d gotten together from my flight home. As it turned out, it was for an edgy play, Venus in Fur.

We ended up meeting at Spartacus, a great adult sex shop in Portland, as Awesome A texted that she probably needed to pick up some lube for her after-play date with her new BF, RichE, and that the shop was right across the street from the bar we were going to meet at. i texted Maximus, asking if there was anything He wished me to pick up and He requested either a giant butt plug or any apparatus for stretching/holding the ass open. i ended up getting a giant tunnel butt plug that accomodated both requests–He was very pleased.

During our happy hour, Awesome A got a text from RichE that he was out for a beer with a buddy and that afterward he was going home to bed, too beat to have her come over after the play. Wow–she was puzzled by this and asked me what i thought about it, was he not into her? Well, i navigated carefully on this one and said that most guys would never turn down a sure thing, which this was. So, this set up an opportunity for us to play again…and i carefully started making the moves to facilitate that…

We walked to the play after our drinks. This play is about a playwright who writes a play about Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s 1870 novel, Venus in Furs, that describes a dominant-female, submissive-male, Master-slave relationship. In fact, the word masochism comes from his name after this book was published. In the play, Vanda, an actress, arrives hours and hours late to audition for the leading role as Vanda von Dunajew. She ends up convincing the playwright to let her read for the part, insisting that he read the lines of Severin von Kusiemski in character. She even has a bag of costumes for both of them, changes on stage to put the Victorian dress over her black bra, panties, garter, stockings, and black stiletto heels! Their reading becomes very intense and they end up personifying their roles, Vanda dominating Thomas, the playwright, through twists and turns.

Venus in Fur is awesome! It was so good that had it started again after it finished, we would have stayed and seen it again right then! It’s 90 minutes and so intense there is no intermission–there would be no way to restore the momentum had the play been interrupted for a break. Vanda arrives in a short black raincoat with a short black leather skirt and black corset underneath but changes between that and the Victorian dress and her undergarments over and over throughout the play. At the beginning of the reading she puts on a black leather collar and the rings clanked together the whole time, driving me mad thinking about how my collar makes that sound when Maximus fucks me. The D/s component of this play was just so erotic for me.

We returned to the bar after the play. Before we left the theatre, as we were walking into the bathroom, Awesome A said loudly, despite the crowd of women accompanying us into the bathroom, “I have a naughty thought!” She said she’d share it with me when we were done in the bathroom. When we arrived at the bar, she divulged her thought, which was “What do you think Maximus would say if I texted Him and asked what I should do to you?” i simply handed her my phone which was already ringing through to Maximus!!!

Awesome A stepped outside the bar to talk to Him because it was too loud to talk inside. She stood outside the glass opposite me while she talked to Him, giving me sexy eyes and driving me crazy! It was still too loud outside so she came inside and started texting Maximus instead. At first, i was not allowed to read the texts, but after getting handsy with her and several drinks in, she relented! Here is the transcript of the texts; Awesome A is orange, Maximus is light blue, and i am white.

It’s Awesome A! I said we r out for drinks and I told gabriella that…not that it would happen, but wouldn’t it be fun if she came to my place and you could tell us what you’d like us to do togther? 🙂 xoxo

Let me think about that. Humm. OK!!!!

So what would you want us to do?

I’m so shy and not very experienced.

Bull shit!

You aren’t buying my story? hehe

Nope. I’ve heard stories.

Ok. Here you go. High heels, short black dresses, nothing underneath because it’s after 6pm, a nice Cabernet wine and you start salsa dancing. You dance with a glass of wine in your hand. This will be hard not to spill but you continue.

Short enough? Awesome A

Oops… I splashed wine on gabriella’s breast. Will need to lap that up!

Now put the glasses down and salsa again and each of you pull down the others top down exposing each others breasts. No touching this area yet. Keep dancing.


Each of you want to touch but can’t. Not yet. That’s a good start. No underwear correct?

Did gabriella tell you about the clotheshanger nippes? I think they feel like gumdrops/ Yum! No underwear or bra…

Of course she did. She loved them. Full and perfect. No touching them yet.

I’m hungry!

You need to dance until you are both breathing heavy and sweaty. You both want to touch but you can’t. Not yet. Food or for gabriella? Hehe.

Both but mostly gabriella.

Of course, she is a fox. Now that you are both sweaty you each take the others dress off but keep your heels on. You need to keep them on. You so want to touch but you can’t. Not yet.


Of course. You need to be very very wet. You aren’t there yet.

I see the beads of sweat between her breasts and want to drink them in like sacred nectar of the mountains!

Now you are both naked in heels looking at each others amazing bodies, so wanting but waiting. The music now changes to a slow dance and you both draw each other close very close. You can’t drink the perfect nectar yet. Draw each other closer and closer so close you almost can hear the others’ heart racing with excitement.

Start your engines!

Now you start to kiss. Two perfect sets of lips engaged

We r going to do tequila shots. Should we do body shots?

You kiss and kiss feeling your bodies close. Yes. On your upper left thigh.

She has such petit quivering lips. So much more gentle than a mans.

Very much so. Very tender.

Sugar, this is gabriella, can you get us a room at the Marriott?

After kissing you slowly work your way down her neck kissing wet kisses. Sure. Which one?

Either one. We’ll make it worth your while.

On it

Awesome A says no pics or video but speakerphone and you can direct.

OK. Portland downtown Waterfront Marriott. One click away.

Love it thank u!

Done. Will send you the confirmation number. Do you squirt? If not you will. It’s intense.

I do have intense organsms & wet the bed but I’ve not seen it as a squirt.

You are in for an adventure then

Ok. bring it! 🙂

Ok hold. Issue with website. Give me a min.

It’s ok. We are having snacks and flirtatious foreplay so u have time.

How wet are you right now?

Not so much wet as body energized. We r in public so cautious so get a room and let’s see what happens

Understand. Reservation done. It’s under my name. Are you at the hotel already?

We r eating. not each other.

Ok. It’s under my name but I added gabriella’s name.


Back to my story. As you are still slow dancing your hand moves slowly down to her very very wet pussy. Finger her deep and fast working the g spot and she will cum very quickly and gush. It’s heaven.

Blah blah blah dance dance dance whatever. I just want to eat her pussy.

You ask what you wanted me to have you do. Hehe.


You do get to sit on her face.

Both of us? She is yummy!

You sit on her first. She will later. Don’t forget to keep the heels on.

Sugar, this is gabriella, i adore you.

Heels on and squat on her face after she does that to you.

Ok! We r on d way to d love palace. Oops, gabriella forgot butt plug in restaurant and had to go back.

Too funny. Use it on her.

Have bag of tricks, heading to hotel.


Heading to hotel.


At hotel. There are pilots in valet. Checking in then drinks and dessert to room.


We can go in and out as many times as we like.

Just poured a nice glass of Blantons. Funny. A definite double meaning statement. Hehe

Sugar, this is gabriella. So much fun! Down to bar to get drinks and dessert to bring up and then will speakerphone you for directions. Are you hard?

Very. Working on number three with Rosie as we speak. So want to fuck her while you eat her pussy. Three done. That makes 5 for today.

We made friends! Wow!

Nice friend, party on! Yummy

Maximus then texted asking what bank account to transfer funds into for us to use to pay for the room. It made us laugh and started a conversation from a Russian bride…

My name are Katrina and I’re love big man American. Do send check please to banking account to Siberia.

Nice. Do you have all your teetch?

No. Better blow job for you I do without teethes.

Excellent. 590 rubles.

I be you’re bride.

Extra 10 for that.

10 donkeys, family so proud. I have ass good.

Good. Love ass and give it good.

Asses mine be strong and hard and hairy. Braided beauty.

Perfect, just what we like.

We r @ Marriott bar getting tequila for body shots in room. Ok man?

Yes. You should order extra towels. Going to be a wet night.

We ran into a great group of women in the elevator…they wouldn’t share any VooDoo Donuts with us though, no matter how hard we flirted and tried. We did get a pic though!

In room with tequila and chocolate.

Two hot women plus tequila and chocolate. Priceless.

Call will occur

Awesome A dug her finger into the chocolate pots de creme we’d brought up from the bar and smeared it across my cheek and lips–we both licked it off me and then kissed. She then took a chunk of brownie from the chocolate trifle, held it between her teeth, and fed me half of it from her mouth. Oh my god! It was so hot!

We got Maximus on speakerphone.

He instructed us to salsa dance. We did, stumbling in lust and alcohol. Awesome A protested to Maximus, telling Him it made her flash badly to her boyscout ex. He switched us to a slow dance, which was much better and allowed us to kiss and fondle each other.

Maximus then instructed us to remove our tops and bras to suck on each others nipples. We complied. He asked if Awesome A was wet yet and we convinced Him to let us take the rest of our clothes off each other to find out. We were required to leave our heels on. Maximus instructed Awesome A to check my pussy with her fingers and then lay me back onto the bed, put her fingers into my g-spot and finger fuck me hard to get me to squirt. It felt wonderful, but she was afraid to do it too hard for fear of hurting me, despite our assurances that it wouldn’t, so i didn’t squirt.

The rest of the evening is kind of a blur as to instructions. Maximus had a loud orgasm at this point and we took over the course of the events, but Awesome A narrated explicitly, loudly, to Maximus, and it was insanely hot!”Oh my GOD, she’s licking my clit! She’s so HOT, so FUCKING HOT! Oh she’s going to make me cum, she’s liking my clit SO GOOD! She’s SO BEAUTIFUL!” for example!

Maximus instructed her to finger fuck my ass and she did it immediately, without hesitation. I then put on the strap-on and fucked her over and over and over. Maximus came four more times!

Finally it got late, well extremely late. Maximus needed to get to bed and was spent from an 8 orgasm day! We too, had separate plans for the morning. We crawled into bed and started to snuggle up, cooing about the evening’s events. As last time, she asked if she could use the wand to pleasure herself. i brought her the wand and began to finger fuck her pussy while she used the wand on her clit. i put in another finger, then another, and another, until i was fisting her, which she loved! i reached down and finger fucked her ass at the same time, DP’ing her with my hands. She came huge. We fell asleep with her right tit in my mouth!

Talk about a great night! And here’s evidence of it!


We got cleaned up and headed out for our separate days. i checked in with Maximus and we talked for hours as i drove home and then to my family event. We are both enjoying this adventure with Awesome A. i’m sure there will be more! Stay tuned!

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