Fetish Fair Fleamarket

The Flea


We both really enjoyed NELA‘s Fetish Fair FleaMarket! We’d been to Kinkfest in Portland several years ago, so had a pretty good idea of what to expect–and it met our expectations (in a good way!).

The event is huge, really. They take over the entire Crowne Plaza complex in Warwick, Rhode Island. Only one couple in our group had a room at the Crowne Plaza, the rest of us stayed a few miles away in another hotel. We would prefer to be in the host hotel next time, as it just would make it easier for access to the vendor areas, storing stuff, a little less running around. There were 14 presentation areas with something going on at all times during the entire weekend. We had made a list of classes we wanted to take, but we ended up only going to four! We had to skip some classes in order to go through the vendor areas and lunch took much, much longer than we had anticipated. But the classes we did go to were terrific:

  • Basic Violet Wands by Lady Shimla
  • Mapping your D/s Archetype by Midori (more on this in another entry)
  • Let’s Talk Hogties by Murphy Blue
  • The Exquisite Whip: Amazing Hand-on Flogging Training by Midori

We didn’t go to the Dungeon parties at the Flea, our friends had private parties lined up for our group, so i cannot comment on what was held at the Crowne Plaza.

While the event was great, it appears that the Flea has really outgrown the space at the Crowne Plaza. Half of the vendor fair is in individual rooms, which are difficult to access due to a crowded hallway and being in hotel rooms–sometimes it was just impossible to get into a vendor room. i like to know at a glance what a vendor has and you can’t do this from the hallway, you have to walk in and see what they have. The entry into the rooms was a real bottleneck due to this. Some classes were held in rooms, too. This really limited the number of people who could attend due to the size of the room, and on Sunday, the elevators were busy with people checking out and we couldn’t get to the class on time (no one could find the stairs!) and we were denied access to a class we really wanted to go to.

We will go back if our friends are planning to go again next year. We will try our darnedest to get a room at the event, plan on eating at the concession area rather than the restaurant in order to save time, and plan time for vendor shopping. It is nice to get a perspective of things on the east coast, see different instructors and vendors we might not see in the Pacific Northwest.

But, the best part was seeing our friends again and spending time with them!

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What a Week!!


Wow! Maximus and i had an amazing week–it was really hedonistic! Maximus took the whole week off (except one morning of work), which is sooooo rare and a treat for me, we explored together, saw great shows, went to vegan restaurants where we had the complete and rare joy of being able to order ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING off a menu, and spent wonderful times with special friends, being completely ourselves!

As i’d mentioned, several of our D/s friends had encouraged us to join them at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket in Rhode Island, February 17-19, so we bought tickets and made plans for that, which was exciting enough! But, we managed to get tickets to Hamilton in New York City for Valentine’s Day, so our Fetish Fair Fleamarket trip got extended into a full-blown week-long vacation. We got home yesterday and i’m still not quite back into normal life mode!


View from The View

We have a time share and stayed in a beautiful suite right off Times Square between the Hudson Theatre and the Belasco Theatre. We couldn’t have asked for a better location–right in the heart of the theatre district! We wandered around the first afternoon, took in the sights. We had drinks and watched the sunset from The View at the top of the Marriott Marquis before heading to one of the top vegan restaurants in the country–Candle 79.

Tuesday, we jumped onto the Hop on Hop off bus and took a tour uptown. We love to start trips in big cities all over the world with the Hop on Hop off bus tours because we get a great overview of the city, learn some history, and figure out areas we want to come back to for more exploring. We hopped off at Central Park for some lunch, shopping at Bloomingdale’s, and walked back to our hotel. Then…the highlight of our NYC trip–Hamilton!

img_1831Hamilton was amazing! We have read Ron Chernow’s book, Alexander Hamilton, that inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to write the screenplay, have listened to the soundtrack thousands of times and know the music by heart, have watched the documentary Hamilton’s America on PBS’ Great Performances and were shocked at how overwhelmed and blown away we were watching the show live in New York. Both Maximus and i were moved to tears and that img_1832totally surprised both of us. We loved our seats, which were dead center in the front mezzanine, fourth row, as we could see everything. (Many have asked us how we got tickets–i got them through Vivid Seats, which i wholeheartedly recommend! i also checked A View From My Seat to check which seats were good and which had obstructed views or other issues before i purchased them.) It was an experience of a lifetime, and if we could have gone the next night–we would have in a heartbeat! We capped off the night with sushi and cocktails.

Maximus had to work Wednesday morning, so i went to the gym and just chilled until He was free. We took the subway to the Flatiron District for lunch before going to the Museum of Sex. The museum wasn’t what i expected–i expected more.  There were some displays abouimg_1842t the sex club history of New York, artifacts through the ages, and exhibitions on animal sexuality, erotica through history, and erotic art, but it didn’t seem particularly in-depth to us. i did complete an online sex survey while at the museum and will share about that and the results in another post. Afterward we took another Hop on Hop off tour, this time of downtown, before heading to an early dinner at another vegan restaurant, Blossom on Columbus. Why the early dinner? Because we got tickets to see the sold out Dita Von Teese show that night (thanks again to Vivid Seats)!!

Dita’s show, The Art of the Teese, was so much fun! The show was great, but the venue and happenings there were the best! We were in the middle of NYC 20-30 year-olds, sexually vibrant, electronically-connected, dressed in their finest objectified 1950s wear, party! It was a Grinder/Tinder hookup mecca and so much fun to voyeur! The MC was Mr. Murray Hill, who was hysterical, terrifically inappropriate, and made the show! Dita was gorgeous and sexy, doing four sets in between sets of several other burlesque performers she’d selected.

Thursday was quite a day. We had tickets first thing in the morning for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We’d wanted to go Wednesday, when the weather was nicer, but we didn’t think we’d have enough time having to start late after Maximus’ work requirements were done, so we braved 34 degrees and 30 mph winds! It takes a long time to pick up your tickets, wait to go through security, wait for the ferry, etc. and it’s all outside. So while we had 9 AM tickets, we stood out in the cold from 8 AM to 9:45 just to get onto Liberty Island–but it was worth it. The museum inside the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty is great–we learned so much! We went to Ellis Island next, which is AMAZING! There is so much to see and learn there and we will go again just to spend an entire day at Ellis Island. We wanted to go on a hard-hat tour and see the other buildings under restoration after Hurricane Sandy, but we didn’t have enough time. We left Ellis Island for lunch and then went to the 911 Memorial and Museum. The 911 Memorial and Museum is very well done and it is emotional. The whole day was moving and emotionally draining. We ended the day at Hangawi, an amazing vegan Korean restaurant in the Korean District that we were lucky enough to get reservations for this week.

Friday we made our way to Warwick, Rhode Island for the Fetish Fair Fleamarket. There were three other couples in our group at the “Flea” and we were so, so, so looking forward to seeing them again and spending more time together. i’m going to post more about this part of the trip in separate entries, as there is a lot to talk about. But it was so great!

We got home yesterday and i am still wiped out! It’s a good wiped out, though, having had such an amazing week. i was so tired last night that while i’d set things out to make dinner, i couldn’t function enough to actually do it. Maximus excused me from my normal duties, sent me to bed, and made Himself something to eat! i still need to unpack!

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Fetish Fair Fleamarket Plans!


We’re super excited–we’re going to go to the Fetish Fair Fleamarket February 17-19 in Warwick, Rhode Island! We had plans to go last year, but our schedule got screwed up and we had to cancel. But this year, we are going for sure! Why the Flea? Well we have met some very wonderful kinky people at the Life on the Swingset Takes Over Desire takeovers who are from that area and have asked us to come join them. So we are!

Maximus and i went over the programming guide and have interest in the following classes (we can’t go to them all as several are at the same time, but these interest us):


  • MAsT Meet and Greet
  • Rope 101
  • Mapping your D/s Archetype
  • Ritualized Kink


  • Power Exchange Dynamics: Finding a Fit to Feed Your Need
  • Basic Violet Wands
  • One Rope Hotness: Ichinawa
  • Rope Lounge
  • From the Sensual to the Sadistic: Calibration = Good Scenes for Every Body
  • Mapping your D/s Archetype (second instance, in case we miss Friday’s)
  • Let’s Talk Hogties
  • Submissives Roundtable
  • Setting up your Scene Space
  • Sexual Objectification Training
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Rope Harnesses
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Rope Handling Drills and Challenges
  • How to Train a service submissive
  • Rope Bottoming
  • The Art of the Primal Scene
  • Floor work: How to have fun and build connection on the ground or in bed with rope
  • Rope and D/s
  • Fun and Pain with Canes


  • Off Balance: A Partial Suspension Exploration
  • Freestyle Floorwork: Working With Friction and Connection
  • Chest Harnesses, Gotes, & Box Ties Oh My!
  • Connective Rope Bondage: Sensual and Seductive
  • Caning 101: For Fun, Pain, or Punishment
  • Protocols: They Are EVERYWHERE, but what are they?
  • Building the BDSM Ritual
  • Flameless Wax Play

As if the Flea wasn’t enough, we decided to make a vacation out of it. Maximus has been obsessed with Hamilton: The Revolution. His boss and his wife have seen it six times–enough, His boss says, to have bought a new car. We listen to the soundtrack, are reading the book by Chernow that inspired the musical, recently watched the documentary on Great Performances about it (which, if you’ve not seen, we highly recommend), Maximus has bought the mixed tape, etc., etc. So we thought if we were going to be all the way out on the east coast, maybe, just maybe we could pick up some tickets and see it in NYC? Well guess what?!? We got tickets for Valentine’s Day, front mezzanine center, second row (first row has about half the leg room as seats behind, so second row is great for Maximus’ legs)! And we were able to book a suite in our timeshare at Times Square for three nights! i’ve not been to NYC since after 9/11 when i went with colleagues to pay our respects at the Pile. i’m anxious to see how that area has changed, go to the memorial, and explore the City with Maximus!

What an adventure we will have in February!

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