my Fantasies

i’ve been daydreaming the past several days about my fantasies. i’m lost in thought with them, my panties wet and clingy.

  • #1 We go to one of our clubs on a kink night. i’m on a leash. i cannot do anything unless i’m told. If He stops moving, i must kneel next to Him. He takes me to an X, strips me, and restrains me to it facing away from Him. He gathers my hair and binds it with rope. i feel the cold metal ball of an anal hook against my ass and He shoves it into me. My head is forced backward and He ties the rope from my hair bondage to the anal hook. He then proceeds to flog, spank, and crop me, which forces my head up and pulls against the anal hook. We attract a crowd. 
  •  #2 We need groceries. Maximus tells me to strip naked and gives me a pair of stilettos to wear. He comes with a coat, it’s above-the-knee length, and i put it on. He drives us to the grocery store and we shop together. Occasionally He puts His hand in one of my coat pockets and i realize that he’s cut through the back of the pocket so He can finger me as we shop. 
  • #3 i arrive at Maximus’ house and find a note on the door from the garage into the house that tells me i am to be in gabriella role for the next 24 hours. i must drop to my knees on the step, open the door quietly and crawl into the laundry room. Inside, next to the door, He has a pile of clothing for me to wear, it is of His choosing, perhaps only an apron, a French maid outfit, a sexy dress, a harness, a merry widow, a plastic bag with cutouts for my head, arms, and tits, or whatever He desires, and stilettos. i am to take off my clothes, fold them neatly and arrange them in a pile on the counter, dress in the clothing He’s laid out for me, and kneel, waiting for Him. i may not announce my arrival in any way, i must wait for Him to notice i am there. 

i am at His beck and call for the rest of the 24 hour period. This is focused training for me. During this time He will train me on how to serve Him whenever i am gabriella. i may be disciplined any time i slip out of submissive role, and i must remain submissive even if we are in public, following His orders on how to behave outside our home.

  • #4 We go to one of our sex clubs. He takes me to a room, undresses me, blindfolds me, and lays me back on the bed. He stands at the door and invites people in to play with me at His whim. They are advised not to let me know who they are during or afterward. This goes on for as long as it pleases Him. When it is done, He cuddles me, tells me how proud of me He is, removes my blindfold, redresses me, and we leave the room and join everyone back in the club. i will never be told who played with me.
  • #5 Similar to above, but occurs at His home. i am naked, tied to the bed in whatever position He desires. i am blindfolded, noise-canceling headphones on with music. He has people come over at random intervals to play with me. i will never know who came.
  • #6 Maximus is at a conference in either of our towns. He has professional associates who traveled to the conference and are staying at the hotel the conference is being held at. Knowing that it is His town or a town that He travels to often and suspecting that He is knowledgeable about the subject, based on leading conversation Maximus initiates with them, they ask Him if He knows a call girl or escort that can come service them. He tells them that He does, but that she is high-end. He calls me, we negotiate a price, and He instructs me where to arrive. i come to the hotel and entertain them in whatever manner they wish, Maximus participates if He deisres. i am paid generously by the group. They are never to know i am associated with Maximus, other than as His favorite call girl.
  • #7 Maximus is awaiting a delivery, either package or pizza. He has me dress or undress as would please Him and i either answer the door to greet the delivery man or walk past while Maximus is dealing with the delivery at the door.
  • #8 i come into my or Maximus’ home where Maximus is waiting for me, but hidden. i think He’s gone. Suddenly i’m grabbed from behind, eyes covered, arms held behind me–i struggle but i can’t get free. He tells me He’s got me and that i can’t get free, warns me of punishment for resisting. i’m pushed into a wall roughly, my cheek against the wall by His head, my body held against the wall by His body as He binds my hands and then blindfolds me. Rope is wound around my head and through my mouth as a gag.

He pulls me roughly away from the wall by my arms and leads me around the house–i can’t figure out where i am. i fall and scuff my knees, am roughly pulled back up and He growls at me for being clumsy and foolish. i know i will be punished for that. 

i am shoved into a room and forced to kneel. He pushes me down, pulls up my skirt and spanks my ass for struggling, being clumsy, for being scared. He tells me i am His to use. i’m held to the floor while He takes scissors and cuts off my clothes. i get spanked for protesting about this, that He’s ruining my clothes. The spankings hurt, they are discipline and i thrash about, causing more spankings.

i get restrained and He plays with my body in any matter than pleases Him. Finger fucking, fucking me with His cock, ass play, flogging, riding crop, golden showers on my face and pussy and in my hair. He orders me not to come and there is punishment if i do. He makes it impossible for me since He knows my body, forcing me to have squirting orgasms and then spanking me.

He leaves me tied up and i can hear Him in the house about His day. He comes in at random times and it repeats. Sometimes He is tender and doting, other times rough, i never know which Maximus it will be.

  •  #9 i am rewarded with a full day of pampering, full body spa (manicure, pedicure, waxing, hairstyling, massage, facials, etc.) all of His choosing. i cannot protest about the indulgence.
  • #10 i am taken clothes shopping by Maximus. He takes me to whatever stores He desires, picks out clothes for me to try on. May be any type of clothing, including lingerie. Maximus sits outside the dressing room and i come out and model the clothing for Him. This may be just for His entertainment or for Him to purchase, it’s His decision and i won’t know. i cannot tell Him what i want, it’s completely His choice. i cannot protest about the cost.
  • #11 i awake during the night to discover that i have been restrained with silk bondage ties during my sleep and Maximus is pleasuring Himself with my body.
  • #12 Maximus decides to make me up. Does my hair and makeup, dresses me. i cannot advise, i cannot alter what He’s done. If He desires me to go out like that, i will.
  • #13 i arrive at Maximus’ to find not Maximus, but someone else waiting for me. i may or may not know them, but they inform me that they are there to play with me, arranged by Maximus.
  • #14 Similar to above, Maximus sends someone to my home to play with me. Maximus calls and tells me they are arriving at my home, to set up Skype, and follow the orders of the person who He’s sent to play with me. Maximus will watch and may give instructions over Skype.
  • #15 We are going to our swim workout. Before we leave the house, Maximus pulls down my pants and panties, inserts toys into my pussy or ass or both (Ben Wa balls, butt plug, pussy plug, etc), and tells me to pull up my panties and pants. i have to complete my swim workout with the toys in place. He will evaluate my technique while i swim, coach me. He may write up my swim plan for the day as well. My performance dictates discipline or reward afterward. i may not remove the toys and must wait for Maximus to remove them at whatever time He chooses.
  • #16 We go to one of our sex clubs and Maximus desires to teach others how to make women squirt. i am His demonstration model and practice pussy for people to train on in front of Him. He may also make other women squirt during the training class.
  • #17 i cook for Maximus, not necessarily in role-play mode. However, when we go to sit down to eat, Maximus initiates role-play, deciding where i will sit, what i will eat, when, and how. i may have to kneel on the floor next to Him while He eats. i may be asked to hold out my hands to receive food and be told when to eat it. He may feed me. i may be given something else to eat entirely, such as bread and water, while He eats the dinner i prepared and drinks wine.

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