Training Day 28NOV16


Because i was gone the 21st visiting family, we didn’t have training that day, thus the skip of a weekly training.

Today we finished reviewing our contract, specifically going through my BDSM checklist (Appendix 2). i had gone through it prior to our training and made some notations. Really, not much had changed from the last time we did this in April 2014. The changes were simply adjustments, changing the notation on whether i had participated in activity types before and/or my level of interest in engaging in specific activities.

Here are the specific items that changed. Note, there are two answers for each activity on my checklist. The first answer indicates whether i’ve ever tried that activity before (Yes = I have participated in this activity before/No = I have not participated in this activity before).  The second answer indicates my level of  interest in engaging in that activity on a scale of 0 – 5, NO,?, +, ! or a combination: 0 = I have no interest/don’t like this, but would do it to please you. 1 = Not very interesting/don’t really enjoy this too much, 2 = This is OK, 3 = This is nice/fun/interesting, 4 = I really enjoy/think I’ll enjoy this activity, 5 = I LOVE THIS/CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THIS, NO = Hard limit.  I will not participate in this activity at all, at this time, ? = Unfamiliar with this activity, + = I’m scared of this but would possibly like to explore it, ! = I’m embarrassed to admit I like this.

  • Clothespins – Maximus changed His response to notate that He has participated in this activity before. (Actually, i think the fact it was listed as a “no” before was an error)
  • Examinations (physical) – When we did this checklist before, we read this as doctor roleplay, not BDSM medical play. Medical play is not something we are interested in at this time, so it was changed from Yes, 5 for me and YES/5 for Maximus to No, No and NO/NO, respectively.
  • Fantasy Gang Rape –i have had a recurring fantasy about this for the last couple of years, which Maximus and i have talked about. i’d initially indicated this as a No, No (hard limit at this time), but changed it to a No, 3. Maximus’ response is still NO/0. We talked about the logistics of this type of play and Maximus would like to discuss it more before proceding.
  • Fantasy Rape – This changed from a No, 4 to a Yes, 5 as we have done this one-on-one.
  • Forced Servitude – Was changed to notate i have participated in this. The last time we did the checklist i was not living with Maximus and we were not 24/7.
  • Housework – Same as above.
  • Intricate Rope Bondage – i had not indicated my level of interest in this activity the last time, so i entered a 5.
  • Kneeling – Changed to a Yes as we have incorporated this into our 24/7 D/s when i moved in with Maximus.
  • Serving as a Maid – Changed to Yes, like forced servitude and housework.
  • Stocks – i changed this from a No, 4 to a No, 5. i have recently had some fantasies about stocks which Maximus and i have been discussing. We may incorporate some stock equipment into our new dungeon, when it is completed.
  • Tickling – i changed this to a hard limit. i had it as a 2, but the reality is i just cannot handle it and it ruins any type of play for us.
  • Physical Concerns – changed to notate my thyroid replacement therapy.
  • Fetishes – added rope.

i’ll work on updating the contract page to reflect the recent work we’ve done on all aspects of our contract, including the appendices.

After completing the checklist, Maximus did some basic rope practice with me. We recently signed up for a Bondage for Sex class at the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and since it’s been quite a while since we had any rope instruction, Maximus wanted to go over some basics. The class requires proficiency in the single column tie, so went to The Twisted Monk‘s website and reviewed his video on the technique.

The class is Dec. 10th, and we’re super excited to attend. It’s the first in a three part series of rope bondage and will cover:

  • Futomomo. The futomomo (aka the frog tie) is our favorite way to immobilize the legs.
  • Chicken wing arms. Similar to the futo, but for arms.
  • The Somerville Bowline. This is a more advanced version of the basic column tie that we teach in our introductory classes. It takes more skill to tie, but works better and is faster to tie.
  • Chest harness. Because every bottom is better with a handle.
  • Extending rope. Being able to quickly add rope on the fly is tremendously useful.
  • Wrists to ankles. This tremendously versatile and exposed position is infinitely better than the spread eagle.
  • Crab. An excellent general-purpose sex tie.
  • Leg spreader. Super simple and super effective.
  • Face down immobilizer. Need to immobilize your partner, but don’t have anything to tie them to? Not a problem.

It’s so good to be back into consistent training. i’m looking forward to what Maximus has next.

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