Packing for Desire


i started this post last year after going to Desire with the Swingset group, but i never finished it. i used it when i was getting us packed for our trip this year and decided that it needed to be published as it was extremely helpful.


Packing List


  • Avon Skin-So-Soft insect repellent (i use two kinds, Bug Guard Plus Picaridin and Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Expedition)
  • 98% DEET
  • Benadryl capsules
  • Benadryl cream
  • Aloe with lidocaine
  • Citronella bracelets
  • TUMS
  • Immodium
  • Sudafed
  • Preparation H Totables (sometimes anal play causes some issues for me)
  • Throat lozenges/cough drops
  • Glide (anti-chafe balm you can find at triathlon and running shops)
  • Hanging toiletries organizer as bathroom has poor storage
  • Sunscreen
  • Allergy eye drops
  • Shampoo and other hair products (anti-friz!)
  • Face toner for under makeup to keep it from melting off in the heat!


  • More short sleeved shirts for Maximus
  • Organize costumes by theme nights in gallon-size zip-lock bags (works awesome for keeping everything organized)
  • Lots of stilettos!
  • Nice jeans for Maximus for dinners
  • Lots of swimming bikinis to wear when we walk the beach or to lunch
  • Beachwear coverups
  • Sun hat
  • No slacks
  • No underwear for Maximus, despite His protests–He never wears them other than those for costume nights
  • No shorts or T-shirts–we always think we might wear them, but we never do
  • No tennis shoes


  • Condoms, lube
  • Contact cards with our picture, names, and contact info
  • Body chains
  • Vegan cards for the dining rooms
  • Light tote bag to take things to the beach, hot tub area
  • Extension cords
  • Power Strip
  • BDSM toys, collar, cuffs, etc
  • Lanyards for room keys
  • Name necklaces from previous years
  • Book, kindle
  • External battery supply for electronics to take to beach bed
  • Charging cords for all electronic devices
  • External mouse for Maximus as His mousepad on His mac always malfunctions in the humidity
  • Soft flip flops
  • Small flashlights (power went out one year and they do not have flashlights in the rooms)
  • Safety pins, tape for costume emergencies
  • Tide single sink wash packets
  • Glow sticks/glow bracelet packs
  • Black light body paints
  • Snacks for room (dry soup mixes, Lara Bars, oatmeal, etc., chocolate)
  • Don’t bring jambox, never use it
  • Don’t need international calling plan, turn cellular off on iPhones, use WiFi for texting and calling
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