Reflections on Desire, Part 1


Maximus and i just returned from Desire Rivera Maya after a fantastic week of hedonism and connection. It was our second trip there, again with the Life on the Swingset takeover, which we attended last November. We love this group, and we will be going again next November when the group takes over the ENTIRE resort. Desire feels like coming home. It is so freeing to be ourselves, be naked, dress up in costumes, be sexy, and have fun.

The resort itself is very nice, the grounds kept beautifully, food is super, and the rooms are adequate and what you’d expect for Caribbean Mexico (i’ve stayed in several SCUBA diving resorts and this is much better accommodations than those). Our room this year was just below the hot tub, which we were disappointed about initially, but it proved quite convenient for providing power to the play beds above when we found the only outlet upstairs was dead. We preferred being off to the edge of the resort last year, closer to the beach where we could hear the ocean. And, that room had a glass door and covered front balcony with tables and chairs, so we met more people that way–this room had a solid door down a dark hallway with a private lanai overlooking the entrance to the resort, so we felt rather isolated. We reserved our old room for next year.

This year we hosted the Afternoon Orgy. The Afternoon Orgy came to being last year when by day four we realized despite all the partying and playing we’d done, we’d not had sex–not even with each other! We had met all kinds of wonderful people, partied it up and danced until 3 AM until we collapsed, exhausted in our bed and slept in until late morning. We’d been too tired for sex! So we were having lunch that fourth day with friends, describing our experience, when i said, “Really, we just need to have sex in the afternoon when we’re not so partied out and tired.” Our sexy friends replied, “That sounds great, how ’bout we join you?!” to which we enthusiastic responded, “Yes, let’s make it an orgy!”

The Afternoon Orgy is held at the beautiful covered beds up at the hot tub area–one of the only public places you can have sex unless you have a complete takeover and can adjust some of the rules. You can have sex there or the Sin Room, which is a play room off the disco with a sex swing and Liberator chaises, but the air conditioning can be so cold in there that it’s difficult to play. We love the hot tub beds anyway, they’re just beautiful with white cotton drapes blowing in the Caribbean breeze, music, a bartender, and people coming by going to the hot tub and even joining in!

To make it fun and interesting, we came up with some daily themes for the orgies. Initially, Sparkle and Italian Stallion were going to host with us and helped come up with some of the scenes, but they were unable to attend this year. The themes we had were:

  • Desire Rocks! – Play with PopRocks (well, it sounded like a good idea, but the humidity instantly turned an open package of PopRocks into a congealed mass!)
  • Eyes Wide Shut – Wear a blindfold if you desire for some sensory orgy play
  • “Y”–Not!! – XX chromosome play (girls only!!) — guys, you can watch
  • The Power Hour – We’ll have a power strip or two, bring your power toys!
  • Sex Imitates Art – We brought body paints that glowed under a black light and made the sheets our canvas. It was the Neon Party that night, so people really enjoyed having some glow paint to accessorize their costumes with.
  • Desire Rocks Again – so much that you’ll want to do it again (without the PopRocks!)!

It was super fun! We so enjoyed meeting people who came to the orgies. We had to adjust the times from our initial plans as 1:30 PM was just too hot to play up there and there were a lot of Swingset activities we wanted to attend during that time. It was a lot more work on us than we expected, however, which surprised us. It started as a way for us to have spontaneous afternoon sex, but turned into a scheduled thing. It would be nice to have another couple or two to help coordinate, which was the initial plan with Sparkle and Italian Stallion. A few days we just showed up, set out props, and left! Amazingly, people were waiting for it to start and it was just wonderful to come up later and see all these sexy people having amazing sex!

We’ve already had requests for it to continue next year and some ideas already coming in from others, including a Bi orgy! Who’d of thought our horny-selves would’ve started such a thing!?!–well, i guess for people who know us–nobody’s surprised at all!

My reflections on Desire are going to take more than one post, it appears. So i’m going to break it down into parts.There’s more to come on having a fantasy fulfilled and so much kinkiness that happened this year.

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