Eyes Wide Open


i knelt in the bedroom on the white fur rug, waiting for Maximus to prepare the guest room for our session. He came to me, brought me to standing, and led me to the room to stand next to the bed.

“Hold your hair up.” He instructed as He brought my collar toward my neck. The collar was fastened tightly, “Good,” He said, as He pulled against the ring on the front to test it.

Next came the matching cuffs, first left, then right, then instructed me to lay on my back on the bed. Each wrist cuff was secured to the cast iron posts of the headboard, my arms pulled at a 45-degree angle from my body like a Y.

“I’m leaving your legs free,” He informed me, and then straddled my waist.

Vacuum tubes were next, one on each nipple, but only tightened enough to draw the nipple to just off the end of the plunger. The goal was to see if the nipple elongates into the tube under vacuum to touch the plunger and then tighten it more to draw it further in, slowing stretching the nipple to fill the entire chamber. i closed my eyes to escape into the depths of my submission, which i love.

“Keep your eyes open,” Maximus instructed. “Keep them open the whole time. I want to see into your soul.”

This is going to be hard for me. i want to escape.

Maximus began to crop my pussy, clit, and anus, which i love. The end of the crop slid over my clit and trailed over my body. The crop struck softly and increased in intensity. Suddenly He pulled it back quickly and it came forward like a flash in a hard hit but stopped before it hits my body. i gasped!

“Don’t flinch.”

This repeated over and over, on my breasts, my sex. i bit my lip to keep from gasping and flinching. i fought to keep my eyes open, fighting my desire to both escape and avoid flinching by not witnessing His game.

“Good girl.”

i alerted Maximus, “Sir, my nipple has contacted the plunger.”

“Oooh,” He cooed, “thank you for noticing for Me,” and He increased the screw to increase the vacuum.

He slammed His cock inside of me, His face hovering over mine, mouth open, staring into my eyes. Saliva must be coming, i’m sure of it, the one thing i have difficulty with–and He knows that. But no, before fluid drips from His mouth He kissed me, mouth open, tongue probing. He pulled away and positioned to drool on me again, forcing me to fight not to wince or turn my head. This repeats and He giggled.

Next, lube poured onto my anus and smeared over the head of the new giant cock dildo Maximus bought for me. The head pushed into me slowly, agonizingly slowly. my anal sphincter begrudgingly opened and the head advanced in, the widening girth of the head stretching me but not slipping past, holding my anal ring expanded and not allowing it to release over the end of the glans to the shaft.

“Oh, it’s too much!” i cry and Maximus retracted it.

He tried again, again agonizingly slow…if He’d only allow it to completely enter me, let my anal ring relax onto the shaft. But no, it’s too much again.

“Please sir, please dilate me.”

Anal beads then slip completely into me–completely! It’s not that my ass is not wanting or willing. Next came a glass dildo with little bumps all over it. The bumps are too much for my ass.

The cock reappeared.

“Oh Sir, please, please insert it faster, i know i can take it if it enters more quickly. But it’s too much now. my ass spasms and fights the cock. i am so disappointed. The cock disappeared.

Clothespins then appeared. Maximus roughly pinched at my labia, bringing each side up and securing them together with clothespins. My labia is pinned from my ass to the hood of my clit.

“Pussy is closed,” He remarked and then released a long stream of saliva onto my throbbing exposed clit.

His fingers circled and pinched my knob of nerves and then bought His mouth to tease it more. His body banged against the ends of the clothespins, moving and twisting them. He sat back and brought forth the clover clamps on the chain. i’m terrified as i watch this, i’ve never watched this before. i’m so scared. The clothespins were placed so rapidly and roughly, i’m afraid the clover clamp will be placed in the same manner. i gasp, “Yellow…”

He let go of the clamp and it’s too much for me. “Red, red, red,”  and tears begin to flow. He removed the clamp.

“Hmmmm, let’s see what we can do here.”

Clothespins are attached to my right breast, adjacent to the vacuum tube. The tube has been tightened during our scene whenever He notices that my nipples have elongated further under the pressure. my nipples are so long, longer than we’ve ever seen them. He pulled on the tubes, stretching my breasts, but not releasing the vacuum. my breasts are slapped, bit, i can’t flinch, i can’t close my eyes, i have to watch. Sometimes the hits are hard, sometimes soft, but the motions are difficult to discern. my mind reels.

Suddenly, Maximus pulled the right tube off my nipple without releasing the pressure, pinched the nipple tightly and immediately installed the clover clamp at the base of the elongated tit at the aerola. More slaps, more bites. He tightend the left vacuum tube and then laid on it as He tortured my right breast.

He reached down, inserted one, then two, then three, four, all five fingers into my sopping pussy, fisting me. He forced my legs up, hooking my toes on the cast iron cross pieces above my head, and pounded my G-spot. i squirt over and over into my face and into my eyes. His hands come up to my mouth for me to suck my juices off of.

“Taste. you taste good, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir, i taste good.”

And then, unlike any other session before, Maximus fucked me! His cock pounded me hard, His face over mine, mouth open, eyes drilling into mine. He came hard, yelling, suddenly.

But we are not done.

Spanks, flogger, and crop continue. Now i must count. He stood next to the bed. i never know where He will strike next or how hard or soft it will be. i am wet and each strike is extenuated by this. The cast iron footboard prevents Him from striking my sex straight on, He has to approach perpendicularly. Because of this, sometimes the shaft of the crop canes me, something we’ve never done before. It’s so stingy, so painful, but i cannot speak now other than to count.

i’m getting lost in my fear, i realizing that He’s been mindfucking me the entire time, forcing me to keep my eyes open and be present, to watch and have to anticipate what He’s going to do, anticipate how hard the strike will be and not flinch. i’m losing my mind.

i can’t take any more. my legs close.

“Open your legs!” He demanded.

i can’t.

“Open your legs!” He repeated. He pried my legs apart and the cropping continues.

my legs close again. Tears stream down my face, “No, no, no, no, no!”

He pried my legs again and crops. my legs close and He forced my closed legs up above my head and began to spank my bottom.

“No, no, no, no, no!” i cried, my head shaking back and forth. i slip away, i’m now a child of six or seven, my father restraining me in a tickle torture. i can’t breathe, i sob uncontrollably. i am terrified.


Maximus released me, releasing my legs and lays upon me.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. you’re safe.” as He stroked my face and kissed my tears.

He released my left nipple from the vacuum tube, released my wrists, removed the cuffs and collar, and curled His body around me. i’m freezing, chilled, goosebumped, and shaking.

“you’re body is burning up,” He noticed.

But i’m freezing. He covered me with a blanket and returned with sips of water.

i cannot talk yet, still reeling about what happened and worried i might have scared Him. We slept together entwined.

About an hour and a half later He woke me so we could get cleaned up to meet friends for dinner. He mentioned concern that i’ve never been so quiet after one of our scenes before. i explain that it was just so intense and that i was worried that my response at the end scared Him.

“Two reds,” He said, “Wow! That’s awesome. I’ve never gotten a red from you before, let alone TWO.”

“That was a complete mindfuck!” i explained. “you made me watch everything, forced me not to flinch, played with the intensity but never let me know what the intensity level would be. You pretended to drool on my face but didn’t.  i was terrified! You could have done all those things , have done all those things before, without a yellow or reds if my eyes were closed.”

“That’s exactly what I wanted to do,” Maximus smiled.

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