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Maximus and i just returned from our much needed trip to Hawaii. We had a wonderful time! How could you not–it’s Hawaii! And it was first class all the way with Maximus!

Maximus brought a few new toys to play with on our trip: a huge suction cup dildo, nipple vacuum tubes, an enema bag, and a speculum that can be used in the vagina and ass (with cleaning in between, of course!) and we managed to get them though security! One bag got searched by TSA, they left us a little note, but everything was there!


The first order of business was to relax! So off with our clothes and onto the lanai to lounge and enjoy the heat–i with my nipple vacuum tubes in place, of course! These vacuum tubes are amazing and i just love how bit and juicy they make my nipples!


Our days were busy, spent training, and we literally exhausted ourselves and hit the bed early every night, absolutely physically spent. We did play, of course, every day!

As we planned, we renewed our contract during this trip. i had a little (ok, not so little) meltdown the next to the last day because i was disappointed that Maximus and i seemed to have different intentions about the renewal process. i’m not going to go into details, it was painful, but we got things resolved. While the renewal was different than i imagined, it was absolutely spectacular and so us.

DSC_0057Maximus was trying to locate a specific beach that He’d been to briefly once before. We finally found it, Kiholo Bay, accessible by an unmarked bumpy dirt road off the highway. This is a gorgeous black sand beach, dotted with white coral, lapped with warm turquoise blue water.

Maximus dressed in black, i in white, mirroring the elements of this beach. Because a symbol of our agreement was so important to me, Maximus instructed me to find a piece of white coral and He would find a piece of black lava rock that i would later somehow combine to have as a symbol of our commitment to each other. i asked if we could each find two pieces so we could have something at both homes to remind us when we were apart, and He thought that was an excellent idea. The stones and coral we chose are at the top of this post, the large rock, representing the rock Maximus is to me, with my white coral heart resting completely upon it. i could not imagine anything more perfectly symbolic of us than that.

For the signing, we found a lone mesquite (Kiawe, meaning “to sway”) tree on the beach surrounded by black lava rock and white coral. Maximus sat on a rock and i knelt before Him and He asked me to Grow Old Together with Him, which i agreed. We expressed our commitment to each other, signed our contract, and kissed underneath the branches of the tree–Our Tree.


We absolutely fell in love with this beach. As we were driving out, i looked up information on the beach and learned there was a great deal more to explore here, so we vowed to return the next day, our last day on the island. i packed a picnic lunch with a bottle of wine for our last day. We set off exploring the beach and found a lava tube full of fresh spring water to swim in, a blue lagoon full of fish and turtles, and a secluded beach. We spent time at our tree and reveling in each other.

This beach will forever be ours, our special place, a place of renewal, not merely of contracts, but of our hearts and commitment, a healing of misunderstandings and moving on together. And like the Kiawe tree, we will sway together through the soft breezes and heavy storms, calm waters and crashing surf, rooted deeply in a rugged landscape formed of fiery rock and gifts from the ocean.

“I could ask for no better monument over my grave than a good mesquite tree, its roots down deep like those of people who belong to the soil, its hardy branches, leaves and fruit holding memories of the soil. . . .”
— J. Frank Dobie, Texas writer

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