A Night at the Beach

night beach

After our swim and hot tub, dinner prep began–and a new couple arrived, one we had never met before, Kilt and Rhodie. Our hosts, Slim and Marilyn, had been with them before and really enjoyed them and both told me, “she’s JUST like you, gabriella!” i wasn’t sure what that meant. They also shared that Kilt was very well-endowed, the biggest of the group, which was shocking since several other of our group have very large cocks.

Being the gregarious people we are, Maximus and i made sure to introduce ourselves and visit with Kilt and Rhodie to make them feel at ease. Well, actually, they walked into the house just as Maximus and i were having a stripping race in the living room, as we always seem to have a contest to see who would be naked first (i won, of course!…but i’m starting to think He might be letting me win after all), so i’m sure we were a little shocking to them, but we were having loads of fun with it and laughing. Maximus then tied up my breasts to display His handiwork and entice the other women there to allow Him to tie them up as well. i helped Maximus tie up Indygo’s breasts and Kilt and Rhodie seemed to be very interested in our rope work.

Dinner was great, loads of fun. i stood up on my chair and made a toast to Friends, old and new, and we enjoyed our meal, talking, laughing, telling stories, etc. The group was very well matched. When we were done, the lights dimmed, candles were lit, Liberator blankets spread out onto the living room floor, and the games began! Maximus started with Rhodie, and i with Kilt.

Kilt is indeed very well endowed! He is just under the girth of a soda can but not too terribly long. i spent time giving him a blow job, enjoying him, and then moving on to riding him. He got very excited when he discovered my hood piercing as he’d never played with anyone with a piercing before, and spent a lot of time experimenting with oral on my clit. Maximus started with Rhodie and wow, i finally understood what Slim and Marilyn meant, Rhodie is as extremely sexually adventurous and and as loud as me! She and Maximus thoroughly enjoyed each other and Kilt truly loved watching them while i was blowing him. She made the error of telling Maximus that she only squirted in one position–so He set out to prove her wrong, which He did!

Maximus later moved to Indygo, who was laying on the couch on her back. Maximus was on His knees beside her, licking her pussy. i crawled over behind Maximus and started playing with His balls. Then i lubed up my fingers, entered His ass and began to massage His prostate. His cock stiffened in my hand and i stroked Him and almost got Him to come. We moved onto the floor and His started to fuck me. Rhodie came over to watch and Maximus directed her to fuck my pussy with His cock, which she did. Kilt came over and started to play with us and we ended up all four fucking. At one point, Maximus was kneeling while Rhodie hungrily gobbled His cock while He fingered me–Slim and Marilyn were walking past on their way to bed with Marilyn mouthing, “OMG that’s so hot!” to Him.

Rhodie and Kilt then started to fuck. i grabbed the two Hitachi wands and began to pleasure myself. i had been experimenting with the wands the past couple of weeks and, per Maximus’ request, have worked into being about to insert the large Hitachi bulb end completely into my pussy, which is amazing! i had not had a chance to show Maximus this other than by text photos, so i was excited to show Him. i had Maximus insert the Hitachi into me and it slid easily in, and then had Him rub the other Hitachi over my clit. OMG! i came over and over and over and over in waves. Maximus even inserted four fingers of His hand into my pussy with the Hitachi inside me and stimulated my G spot. i pulled out the Hitachi and Maximus directed Rhodie to fist me, and her entire fist went up to her wrist! He fingered my ass while she fisted me.

i needed a break after that! After a short rest, i looked at Maximus and gave Him a look that i was going to go get some toys. i came out with my strap-on with the double-ended dildo, a thick 16-inch long double-ended straight dildo we affectionately call The Mom, and a blindfold. Maximus saw my goodies and said, “Let’s blindfold Rhodie!” She squealed in delight as Indygo simultaneously rebuffed, “you shouldn’t do that, she might not want that.” Rhodie replied, “Oh no, I’d love to be blindfolded and oh! Look at that, do me, do me!”

Maximus blindfolded Rhodie and i put on the strap-on harness, inserting the shorter end into my pussy. i had condoms on both ends, lubed the large end and mounted her doggie-style. Oh, fuck me, fuck me!” she cried out, “Fuck me harder!” i pounded her. Kilt braced her while i fucked her. i then moved onto my back and she rode me, squirted all down the dildo, soaking the harness. At some point her blindfold came off, i think she really wanted to watch what was happening. We moved to The Mom, Maximus and Kilt taking turns fucking us simultaneously with it. Rhodie mentioned wanting to try the Hitachi since she’d not used one before. i took the Hitachi and put it on her clit, resting the handle on her stomach while she laid on her back, and then laid on top of her, pressing the bulb into my clit. We shared amazing orgasms together!

Spent, Maximus, Rhodie, and i laid down on the floor together and visited. Rhodie shared that she had crossed two things off of her sexual bucket list that night (being fucked with a strap-on and using a Hitachi) and another that hadn’t even been on her list (fisting a woman)! After a while i began to stroke Maximus’ cock and He asked that she and i give Him a two-girl blowjob. Rhodie called out, “Oh I get His balls!”  i straddled His face, putting my clit in His mouth and began to 69 Him while she sucked His balls. We simultaneously licked His cock, made out, deep-throated Him, and then i noticed that she was rimming Him. Maximus started calling out, “OK, OK, that’s good, I’m done,” and tapping my hip to tap out. Well, i was not ready for Him to be done; i really wanted Him to come. And boy did He ever come! He screamed and quaked, grabbed blankets, pounded His fists on the floor–it was fantastic and i was soooo happy!

It was getting late and the four of us were the only ones left, so we all went to our respective bedrooms. Maximus and i laid down and shared stories and giggled. i was so aroused though, my clit throbbing. i started rubbing my nub while He talked and then told Him i still had an orgasm trapped. He started licking my pussy while i rubbed myself and had one of the most intense orgasms i’ve had in a long time–i broke into sobs, just overcome with emotions. Maximus held me and stroked me in aftercare.

We arose in the morning to find SubR in the kitchen with Slim who was making breakfast for the group. Maximus pulled me aside and instructed me to take SubR into our bedroom, tie him up, and then spank him to leave red marks on his ass. i loved this directive! i grabbed SubR’s hand and asked him to come with me into the bedroom. i told him what i had been instructed to do. i ordered him to strip naked and then tied a body harness on him, starting first with a hitch around his scrotum. i had grabbed a plastic spatula from the kitchen, so i pushed him down face-first on the bed and began to spank him with the spatula. He started to mock me so i pulled my panties off and shoved them into his mouth to quiet him, instructing him that he was not to talk, other than count the strikes. i gave him five spanks on each ass cheek, rubbed his reddened skin, and helped him up. SubR had a humongous smile on his face. He started to talk and i said, “you’re welcome!” to which he immediately apologized and thank me. i told him he had someone else to thank, marched him into the kitchen to Maximus and said, “What do you say?” and he nodded to Maximus “Thank you, Sir!”  Maximus was very, very pleased. After He was done praising my ropework i returned SubR to the bedroom and removed the harness. SubR was ecstatic.

Now, we hadn’t negotiated with SubR about this at all, had not communicated boundaries, limits, or safewords, only had the wishes that he had shared with us. i was very careful with him, checked in with him often through this scene. It was meant to be a little surprise taste of kink in response to him sharing a fantasy with us. If we were ever going to do this again with him or anyone else, i will make sure that we, Maximus and i and the third party, talk and negotiate prior to play.

We swapped contact info with Kilt and Rhodie the next morning and stood in the driveway for almost an hour just chatting. We had a great connection with them. Maximus and i decided to take our time going home and drove up Highway 101 instead of heading east back to Interstate 5. On the way, Maximus recounted the blow job i’d done with Rhodie and said, “You wouldn’t stop even when I called the safeword, Red!” i was horrified! i never heard Him call Red. i apologized and swore to Him that i never heard Him call out Red, only “OK, OK, that’s good, I’m done.” He thought about it and realized that He hadn’t called Red after all, just thought it in His mind. i was nauseated thinking i had failed to recognize a safe word and disrespected that. A good lesson for both of us–say it when you need it, repeat it if you say it and play doesn’t stop, and “that’s good, I’m done” does not represent a safeword, unless we specify it as such. It turns out that it wasn’t that Maximus needed play to stop, He was trying to conserve this orgasm to do some more play. But, after the amazing orgasm He got from it, He really wasn’t upset at all that we took Him to climax.

Later at lunch, Maximus and i recounted the weekend at the beach, and He shared just how hot He thought the scene i did with SubR was. It was great to manage our D/s when adding a third person, me maintaining my submissive nature by completing dominant tasks given to me by Maximus. We have talked a bit in the past about how intrigued we are by the thought of having a shared slave, someone who could help me around the house, perhaps drive me back and forth between Maximus’ home and mine, chauffeur Him to and from the airport for business trips, and serve us sexually as well. Maximus envisions a female, i envision a male–which would mean it would be a service and sexual slave for me but only a service slave for Him. While SubR would be perfect due to the trust we have built in our friendship over the years (we are both concerned about bringing in unknown strangers into our homes), the relationship issues he and Indygo are having make him a poor candidate. If, however, down the road if they do split (which we are under the suspicion will occur), given time, SubR would be an excellent candidate for me. The prospect of having a service/sex slave is very appealing and knowing we can manage our D/s relationship with it makes it seem like a future possibility. We will see.

We got home and crashed! Such a fantastic weekend, so much more than we expected. We were too spent to head to the Convention Center for the last Dungeon Party of Kinkfest, but we were so satiated that never of us minded that. We got so much out of the first night and even just one workshop that it was worth every penny. And, we were able to spend two glorious days at the beach with old and new friends.

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