Milking It


What a weekend!! i will be breaking this into several posts because there is just so much to share!

Our original weekend plans were to go to the beach with a bunch of swinging lifestyle friends for a few days and then go to Kinkfest in Portland. Plans changed, however, when we discovered my exes best fuck friends were going to be at the beach party (none of us had realized the relationship this couple had with my ex until the week of the party). So Plan B was just to spend time together and go to Kinkfest–not a bad Plan B at all!

The night before He came down, Maximus directed that on His arrival, i be wearing an old oversized T-shirt and old panties that could be ripped. i put on an old long-sleeved T-shirt and pink lace cheekie boy shorts and took a nap on my furry white rug in front of my fireplace in my bedroom. Maximus let Himself in, found me sleeping, flipped me over and ripped my T-shirt to expose my breasts. my panties were shredded in His fingers. It was spectacular! He fucked me hard between the shreds of clothing, right there on the rug.

Maximus had also requested that i clean my ass out well. He has an ass fetish and has been fantasizing about filling my ass with fluid and having me expel it forcefully to see how far i can squirt fluid out of my ass. He had originally thought about using chaIMG_4415mpagne, which i thought was magnificent, until i listened to a podcast that warned about the risk of alcohol poisoning with the instillation of alcoholic liquids into the rectum. He also wanted to piss in my ass as well. Maximus settled on using almond milk (i’m vegan), so i had a large funnel, almond milk, and lube at the ready in the bathroom for Him. He bent me over the edge of the tub, inserted the lubed funnel into my ass and then, unbeknownst to me, pissed in funnel (i thought it was warm milk!). The piss was slow to drain, so i maneuvered forward so my head was resting on the bottom of the tub and my body straight upright–the fluid drained immediately into my ass. He then poured an entire quart of almond milk in, which poured quickly into my ass, no backup. i could feel the fluid accumulate in my bowels right at the end of the quart, but it wasn’t even close to the sensation of having a colonic, which i’ve had in the past.

When the milk was fully into me, Maximus quickly fucked my ass, letting warm milk and piss stream down His legs. He had me get up and stand on the surround at the head of the tub and at his command, i launched milk from my ass! It was hysterical! i launched it over 7 feet! The fluid had gone deeper than my simple enema, so there was some material in it, but it wasn’t stool, it was the papery, flaky stuff that gets expelled when you have a colonic.

Here is the video:

We got cleaned up (and cleaned up the bathroom!) and got ready to go to dinner. i have been wanting to take Maximus to a special restaurant in Portland, and we finally had a time to go! Maximus’ birthday is coming up and this was part of His birthday treat. i had also purchased a very special present for Him a couple of months ago and just could not wait any longer to give it to Him–i’m the worst at waiting to give gifts. i asked Maximus if i could give Him His present early and He allowed it (He usually makes me wait) as He knew that i had been waiting a long, long time.

max ring

This is a very special ring for Maximus, not just a pretty ring, but holds great symbolism for us. The two cables symbolize our bond, Maximus and gabriella and also reflect the first two ties Maximus does when he binds my chest, one rope above and one rope below my breasts. The two diamonds are black diamonds–there is one for each of us. White diamonds are generally used in wedding bands and as Maximus and i have both come to the conclusion that we suck at marriages, the black diamonds make this the antithesis of a wedding band. Each black diamond represents how difference our relationship is from our past failed marriages and how we promise to make this commitment forever.

i did not know the sizes of Maximus’ fingers and didn’t know what finger either of us wanted Him to wear it on, although i did think that the ring might look wonderful with His gorgeous black Rado watch that He wears on His right wrist (Maximus is left-handed), so i randomly picked a ring size. This ring fit perfectly on His right ring finger! And it looks incredible with His watch. He was blown away by the gift, the symbolism of it, and that no one had ever bought a ring for Him–He had purchased both of His wedding rings. He could not believe that i had so surprised Him again.

Now that i know that the ring is the correct size, i will get it engraved with GOT inside.

We went out to dinner and had a marvelous evening. We started with drinks and went over the schedule for Kinkfest and developed our plan for the weekend.

To be continued…

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