This past weekend marked a first anniversary for us, Maximus and me. One year ago, i came up to Seattle for a race, asked if i could see Him while i was there, and Maximus asked me to stay with Him. i did stay with Maximus, for four wonderful days, the start of a wonderful relationship neither of us saw coming.

i was feeling much more nostalgic about this anniversary than i expected, and was surprised just how nostalgic Maximus was about it as well. i arrived to find a gorgeous pair of Brian Atwood iridescent black stilettos in my dresser drawer, along with love notes tucked in amongst all my clothing, shoes, vanity. We went out to ran some errands and Maximus brought me to the Coach store to pick out something i’d like and i chose a new coin purse/business card holder to go with the purse and wallet He gave me for Christmas.

That night Maximus opened a bottle of Gloria Ferrer champagne and toasted us. We sipped the champagne and worked on our schedules for the next month as several things had come up for Maximus and we needed to make some adjustments.

Neither of us can remember exactly how what happened next started, what was said to get things going, but something was said during our calendar discussions, by one of us, that made me decide i needed to get up from my seat at the table and kneel at His feet. Maximus reached down and noticed i was still wearing a bra, which was against the rules for the time of night it was, an hour after the 6 o’clock deadline. He pulled my blouse off over my head, removed my bra, pinched my nipples and i apologized for not removing my bra earlier due to my distraction with our calendars (i’d also thought it was a 6:30 deadline too, but that was beside the point). Maximus pulled down His jeans and i proceeded to suck His cock greedily, taking Him deep into my throat.

Maximus then stood and removed His clothing. He pushed me backward supine on the hardwood kitchen floor and pulled off my jeans and panties. Pausing, He took my new black lace panties He’d given me for Valentine’s and brought them to His face, pressing them into His nose and inhaling deeply. He’d come in my pussy before we’d run our errands and had me pull my panties back on with my pussy full of our co-mingled come and it had leaked all over my panties. He pressed the lace into my nose to share.



Maximus had told me earlier that He had planned a scene that included making me squirt into my face. He pushed my legs up over my head in a position like in yoga and began pounding my G-spot with His fingers and my come started spraying all over my body, face, into my eyes and mouth. He did this over and over, saturating my hair, my come pouring off my body in rivulets, pooling all around me on the hardwood floor. My juices seeped beneath me and soon i was gliding over the surface of the floor, floating on a sea of come, sliding around like a slip-n-slide! It was delicious! Maximus pushed and pulled me all over the floor during His play…it was an amazing feeling, gliding across the floor at His whim! To add to the wetness, Maximus stood above me for a golden shower, making our play even more slippery.

When we were done, i found myself completely spent and completely saturated. our fluids streamed out of my hair as if i’d just walked out of a shower. my body was soaked. We giggled and marveled at ourselves as Maximus mopped up the floor with towels, wrapped me in a bathrobe, and led me into the shower for a thorough washdown.

What an amazing night!

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