Patiently Waiting

i’m being patient, i promise! i think i’ve been pretty good about it…five more days until i see Him! WooHoo!

He’s exhausted, been traveling non-stop for a month now, and it’s showing. He skyped me last night and He looked so haggard. i’ve never seen Him that exhausted before. My first words were, “Are you okay?” i seriously thought something was wrong.

i’m looking forward to being with Him, spending time together, but really looking forward to taking care of Him. He needs this. His friend, The Englishman, asked to come stay while i was there and Maximus asked him to wait until the last night i am there–i appreciated this, would never have asked Him to do that, and was very surprised by His decision, as He is such a caring and giving man that it’s out of His character to turn anyone down, especially friends.

“I’ve given enough to everyone lately. My time.” He texted.

i feel so cherished that i am part of His time. i don’t know if He knows how honored i felt by that statement.

Shortly after, He texted, “Even though we are not physically together I felt you have been with me all week.” i replied, “Because i have.” And it’s true, not a line. i can be patient, because we are always together, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, and we both feel that.

…but it might have been the dozen red roses i had delivered to His room at the beginning of His last trip… ;o)

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