ABCs of Love

i found something this evening that i’d forgotten i’d saved. It was a list that came in an email from a yahoo group i was subscribed to, and at the time, it was too painful for me to read as i was in the midst of recovering from a divorce. But, i knew that someday, this list might make me smile, so i held onto it. Today, this list made me smile. Today, He made me smile with a simple text, caught me completely off-guard and made me melt. i see Him in this list, i see us in this list.

A – Absolutely adore each other
B – Be best friends
C – Compromise
D – Discover new things together
E – Encourage each other
F – Forgive and forget
G – Gaze into each others eyes
H – Hold hands and hug a lot
I – Inspire and intrigue each other
J – Joke and laugh and have fun
K – Kiss Kiss Kiss 😉
L – Love with all your hearts
M – Marvel at each others talents
N – Nurture each others soul
O – Overcome problems together
P – Play games
Q – Quiet each others fears
R – Remember the little things
S – Say “I love you” everyday
T – Take time for tenderness
U – Understand and care deeply
V – Value everything you share
W – Wish on stars together
X – X-press your true feelings
Y – Yearn for each others touch
Z – Zzzzz in each others arms

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