Expect the Unexpected

Oh Oprah, you have missed something for your Favorite Things list!

Oh my wonderful, beautiful, amazing Maximus, how He surprised me today!

i had ordered a pizza to be delivered for dinner tonight and when i answered the door i found not the pizza boy, but the UPS man with an unexpected package delivery for me. It was from Maximus! Inside were many wonderful things, including a G-spot vibrator (just like one that had been used on me at a recent swingers party that just drove me wild and Maximus adored watching me being pleasured with by two men), chained nipple clamps, gorgeous locking leather wrist cuffs lined with red satin, a strap-on harness, but the most amazing thing was a fox tail glass butt plug! Oh..My..Goddess! This tail is the softest, most beautiful, most sensual thing i’ve ever seen or felt in my entire life! i wanted to strip down in the kitchen where i opened the package and put it in, but then i realized my pizza should be arriving…and there was the doorbell!

The pizza box remained unopened on the counter and i ran upstairs with the foxtail to my boudoir. i lubed the glass plug and eased it into my ass…oooooh, that in itself is so wonderful, and then ran my hand down the luxurious length of the tail, letting it fall back silkingly against the back of my thighs. Heaven does not describe this.

i texted Him…”i’m breathless, i have the most beautiful tail.”

“This explains your text last week: Foxy Lady, Expect the Unexpected.

“OMG i want you here. i don’t want to remove it. love it. OMG.”

All i want is for Him to be here so i can rub my beautiful tail against Him, let Him spoon me to sleep like He does, with my tail against His cock, His hands on my breasts.

“i feel amazing. Can’t explain. Electric. And i didn’t think anything would surpass this morning’s feeling.” (more about this in a moment).

i take pictures in several positions, laying on my white fur rug, on my hands and knees looking between my legs at the tail hanging down, on my stomach with the tail draped over my thigh, standing in front of the mirror. i send pic after pic to Him. He is pleased. Then i try on outfit after outfit, enjoying how the tail looks peaking out from my hemline. It is heavenly!

i removed it only to pee. Will sleep with it tonight. Contemplating calling in sick to work tomorrow so i can wear it all day (i don’t have a job where it’d be ok to sneak that under my clothes all day, otherwise i would wear it for work), but as tempting as it is, i will leave the tail home and go to work and lust after it all day.

Maximus flogged and fucked me this morning before i left His house from a spontaneous overnight trip. Oh wow! He’d bought a large flogger with 1/2 inch wide strips of the softest, butteriest leather i’ve ever felt. He had me remove my pants and panties, leave on my knee high black socks and high heel black oxford shoes and lean over the couch. The new flogger makes a tremendous slapping noise but is so soft and gentle. He alternated using the new flogger with the smaller one He already had, which has narrow leather strips and a great sting. My legs trembled uncontrollably and jellied. i had orgasm after orgasm. i begged Him to flog me harder and He slowly increased the strength. Midway through He pulled off His jeans and slammed His cock inside my pussy and fucked me while still flogging my ass. Then He pulled out and rammed into my ass–Ahhh! i begged Him to pull my hair, and He flogged me, pulled my hair, and fucked my ass hard simultaneously, throwing me into subspace!

After He was finished, He pulled out, instructed me not to move, returned with a warm washcloth and cleaned my pussy and ass, rubbed down my butt cheeks. He smoothed lotion on my red buttocks, which intensified the sting as He discovered it contained isopropyl alcohol–this was amazing, felt like Tiger Balm or Icy Hot all over my ass. He stood me up and instructed me to get dressed and then giggled the most adorable giggle! i followed His instructions and dressed, and then He escorted me to my car. i didn’t regain my composure for 30 miles, in fact, was still dazed and jellied while fueling up my car during that first distance!

Freshly flogged ass cheeks

Oh my wonderful, beautiful, amazing Maximus. How it is my pleasure to serve you!

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