In the Beginning, Part 2: Playful Intentions

I exclaimed His name when i saw Him, “i sent you an email and never heard from you!” i playfully pouted. “What?!? I never got it.” “i know, i sent it to your online profile and have seen you’ve not been on.”

“What did it say?” He inquired…

“That i hoped you were ok.”

“That’s so sweet!”

Summoned by a girlfriend, i sashayed away and sat in her lap as she desired. He approached to inquire what wine He could bring us and we placed our requests. i was glad to see Him, looked forward to playing as i’d missed His adept hands, desired to be taken by Him again. i wanted to play, that was my intention.

He sat with me at dinner, He inquired about my travels, i shared that i had started endurance racing since we’d last seen each other and that i was interested in hearing about His swimming. It was very nonchalant, just catching up on everything other than our relationships. We finished dessert and went off to play. It was wonderful as always and when I went to leave, we made sure we updated our contact information. It was very casual, no intentions at all other than reconnecting to play, and really, in my mind, to play as we had always done, at our friends’ parties.

Shortly thereafter, i signed up for a race in his town, three hours away from my home, and contacted Him to see if i might be able to get together with Him when i was there–i was planning on staying with family but thought it’d be great to see Him. He invited me to stay with Him instead, and i accepted.

i was nervous when i arrived, butterflies. We’d spent time together at parties, but not more than socializing at dinner, fucking, and afterglow cuddling. His home was beautiful! Immaculately clean, upscale, beautifully decorated, i was impressed, to say the least. The walls of His office were covered with national swimming awards and medals–i am in awe and feeling a little out of my league. He poured glasses of rich red wine from His extensive wine collection and we sat on the couch and talked about our relationships, having time to finally talk about what’d happened, share some things about ourselves. We started to kiss, it was heavenly. Then we moved into His office…Yes, His office. He cleared the floor, spread a leopard print Liberator mat, peeled off my clothes and His, and enjoyed each other until we were spent and hungry!

The next day we toured around Seattle, scoping out my race location, and wine tasting. And shameless flirting! That night He took me to a local swingers club He belonged to–it was Pirate Night, so we donned our sexy pirate garb and hooked up with His friend Z Baby and her date E to play. Wow! What fun. The four of us found ourselves in the Mirror Room, which, as the name suggests, has walls and ceiling lined with mirrors, although due to fears of broken glass, the mirrors are plastic sheets and have pulled away from the sheetrock in places and warped, giving it a bit of a hiliarious “House of Mirrors” effect! We finally pulled away at got home at 2am as i had a race in just a few hours.

My race? Well, it wasn’t my best performance! i was hungover, dehydrated, sleep-deprived, the muscles of my legs and buttocks were burning from two nights of fucking workouts, but He was wonderful support, being an athletic competitor as well.

We enjoyed the rest of my stay over the next days, our friendship blossoming. I returned home and we texted, talked on the phone, and emailed. For our friends’ next party two weeks later, i picked Him up at the airport and we arrived together, spent the night together at their home, and then He flew home. In fact, we did that for the next two parties, the second of which i drove Him back to Seattle afterward and stayed at his home for a week while i attended a work conference. Our friendship grew very intimate as we shared our stories, relationship histories, weaknesses and fears, bodies, caring for each other, helping each other out wherever we needed it. Our playful intentions were growing into something more.

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