Skin on Skin

It first came up two months ago while vacationing in Vegas. My hungry, greedy pussy pulled His condom off during an orgasm while he was still thrusting in and out of me. While He fished it out of me, i told Him, “You’re the only one i wouldn’t freak out about this with. In fact, you’re the only one i’d consider going bare with.” He’d confided to me the night before that he had fallen in love with me, shocking me, and while i was scared about it, i was feeling the same, feeling bold enough to offer myself to Him.

 “We have sex with a lot of people, why would you be comfortable with that?” he asked. “Because i know how diligent you are about condoms and i completely trust that you always use them, as do i,” i replied. We are both in medical professions and extremely protective about our health. i continued “i’m not saying we should not use them, just that i don’t freak out about this with you. It’s a big commitment, one i’ve only done with two other people, and they were both husbands.” “See,” he replied, “that’s another reason.”

A month and a half later, after i squirted into His hands, i watched Him rub my juices all over his cock, balls, belly, chest, “Oh YES, I LOVE that!!” before slipping on a condom to penetrate me. “So a question,” i quietly started, “how is rubbing my cum all over your bare cock any different than being inside of me?” He froze, brought His hand to his face and replied, “I don’t know, I hadn’t thought about it that way. That’s a good question…” We continued with the condom.

i didn’t want to pressure Him. While we love each other and have a wonderful relationship, it is open and we do sleep with other people. We hadn’t spoken about whether or not we were bare with anyone else. i love Him and wearing a condom does not diminish that. i was surprised at myself for being at the point of entertaining the thought of going bare, something i didn’t imagine i’d do any time soon with anyone, being divorced and enjoying my ethical slutting.

Last night He stepped out of the shower we shared upon returning home from the swingers party, sliding the glass door shut behind Him to keep in the hot steam for me while i continued to dry off. We’d been telling each other all about our night’s experiences at the party and moved onto talking about our first flogging we’d shared together before we’d left. i had told Him how arousing it was being brought to the edge of orgasm over and over and then having us both have to wait for release at the party. “I so wanted to slam my cock into you right then when you were still bent over the couch, no condom or anything, I wanted you. It took everything I had not to.” i stopped drying my hair, ran my hand over the steamed glass of the shower door, and leaned my forehead onto the glass to look out at Him through the square of transparency. “This keeps coming up. Do you want to?” i asked as i opened the shower door and went to Him. “We have sex with so many other people,” he responded, holding His towel to his chin. “You had sex with a lot of people when you were married, did you wear condoms with [your wife]?” i paused. He looked at me, grabbed my hand and pulled me to Him. “I rub your cum all over my cock…Ok,this is ours. Do you want this?” he asked. “Yes, i do,” I repled. “i’m committed to you. i’m only bare with you, you’re only bare with me.” He kissed me deeply and said, “Come, I’m not going to fuck you, I’m going to make love to you now,” and pulled me into the bedroom, into the bed.

He pulled back the covers, exposing the new red satin sheets i’d bought to share with Him. He laid me back onto them and positioned Himself gently on top of me, kissing me deeply, His erection hot against my legs. Suddenly He pushed Himself upward with one arm, made a fist with the other hand and hit it against his chest, as a baseball catcher would call a game, first in the center of his chest, then over his heart, and then the right side, and ending over his heart, holding his fist there. “This is ours, baby,” and he slid Himself into me. Oh God, the heat and we moaned into each other.

It was heaven, so hot. “i’m yours,” i breathed into Him as we made love. i climaxed over and over, my cum running down His balls, His legs, soaking the towel He’d placed beneath me as He took me to bed. “Oh God,” he exclaimed as he shot hot cum into me for our first time, sending me into orgasm again. “Ah, ah, ah!” as he pulsed and shuttered, His arms holding me tight into his chest. We are soaked, inside and out, and collapse into each other to revel in this monumental thing.

We curled into each other to sleep, blissful. i’m awakened by His need, hands exploring my body, His hips pressing into me. i roll over and take Him in again, every bit as hot as before. He fills me again and as turn to curl against Him, He reaches down into me, scooping out our mingled cum, spreading it over my sex, my thighs, my Mons, mixing us together as one, anointing me, as if to show i am His.

We sleep wrapped in each other, waking twice more to His need and repeating until we are both utterly spent and greeted by the dawn.

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